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5 Tips for Buying a Smart Watch

Fitness watch
Are you buying it for fitness?

Fitness watch

5 Tips to Buying a Smart Watch

So you’re in the market for a smart watch? So where we about 9 months ago. We found out the hard way that unless you approach buying a smart watch like you would approach signing up to a smart phone contract you’ll be in for disappointment. If you don’t want to know our process just check out out Top Ten Smart Watch blog for our worst and best. So what did we learn?

Why do you want a smart watch?

Is the smart watch needed to solve some problem? Like helping with fitness tracking or to avoid getting caught using your smart phone at work? Is it a case of just wanting the sport results at the flick of a wrist or is everyone in your office wearing them?  For me, I wanted a smart watch to help with fitness. I wanted something to say “hey get out of that chair and move!” My brother wanted a smart watch so he could stream his garages security cam footage. Whatever your reasons, we recommend knowing why you want a smart watch as it’s the only way you’ll buy one and feel satisfied with the purchase.

Do you have an Android smart phone or an iPhone?

You may not know this but a smart watch isn’t smart unless it’s paired with a smart phone via Bluetooth or WiFi (yes some watches will connect via WiFi to your phone). When buying a smart watch ensure it works with 100% of its features with your smart phone. For instance if you have an iPhone buy an iWatch or Pebble. There isn’t really anything else on the market which will work 100% with an iPhone. If you have an Android smart phone don’t think about an iWatch, you’ll end up app light and featureless. We highly recommend pairing an Android smart watch with an Android smart phone and a iWatch with an iPhone. It keeps everything nice and simple and avoids the disappointment of finding out your app’s of choice won’t work because it’s not supported.

How extreme is your day-to-day life?

If you are going to be highly active then having a smart watch that is durable is key. What I’ve learned is that the price doesn’t equal durability. So don’t just go for the most expensive thinking it will last longest. If the smart watch is likely to take a beating during your day-to-day life then a Fitbit Blaze or Pebble Time is ideal. If you want something fashionable then the LG Urbane or Huawei works. This leads back to knowing why you want the watch and buying what fits your needs. If you want something to wear all the time iWatch walks the line of style and fitness.

What’s your budget?

A smart watch should fit your wallet, fashion and lifestyle. They all do practically the same if you pair them with the right phone so what could you buy for your money?

If you have around $100 we recommend the Pebble Time. It’s not aesthetically pleasing but it will give you a great understanding of what a smart watch can do in terms of functions. If you have $200 you have a bit more flexibility, if you want a fitness watch go for the Fitbit Blaze. If you want something stylish pick up an LG Urbane.

If you have $300 plus the selection gets simple. If you have an Android smart phone buy the Huawei Watch. If you have an iPhone, scrap it for an Android smart phone and buy the Huawei watch. We’ve got both the iWatch and Huawei Watch, they have the same price point but one feels like a $1000 watch and the other is the iWatch. We’re not saying the iWatch is bad, we think it’s the third best smart watch available at a fair consumer price point. Yet the gap between 2nd and 1st (the Huawei Watch being 1st) is huge. Nothing compares to putting on the Huawei and wearing it out. As a 35 year old man, this is the first time I’ve understood why a woman can spend $500 on a handbag. It’s a damn sexy watch (I never thought I’d say that about a watch).

Compare Prices and Reviews

So you’ve figured out that you want a fitness watch, suitable for Android on a budget of $200? Great. The next step is reading what other users think. The best place to do this is on Amazon. If users highlight what you want in a watch within their positives then you know it’s the watch for you! If not, then perhaps you need to look at a different make and model. Once you know the watch you want do a price comparison.

Let us know what smart watch you purchased and where from?

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