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Is the Asus ZenWatch 2 right for me?

Asus Smart Watch
Is the Asus ZenWatch 2 right for you?

Asus Smart Watch

If middle-of-the-road is what you’re after.

The Asus ZenWatch 2 looks and works fine. It’s a strange smart watch as it has no stand out features, it doesn’t fit the fitness fanatic or look cutting edge for the executive. There is no doubt it’s a strong watch but if we were on a budget or seeking fitness we’d go Pebble Time or Fitbit Blaze. If we were seeking high end we’d go for the Huawei Watch or Apple Watch. Right now the Asus ZenWatch 2 feels somewhere lost in the middle, it’ll have it’s fans and our opinion shouldn’t put you off. HeyTC gives this wearable a good 3.5 out of 5.

The Top Questions for the Asus ZenWatch 2:

How well does iPhone work with the Asus ZenWatch 2?

There are limitations when pairing iPhone and ZenWatch 2. The smart watch will display notifications when being called or messaged. You’ll be able to start and select music from your iPhone but you won’t have access to apps. This leaves you with the basic smart watch features like alarm, step count and notifications that can be synced.

What is the difference between the 1.45 and 1.63 watch sizes?

There is a big difference beyond just size to the Asus ZenWatch 1.45 and 1.63. The 1.45 does not have an internal speaker. Only the bigger 1.63 does. This is important to know if you want audio from the smart watch. The other difference is watch strap sizes, the larger size uses a 22mm band. The smaller option uses 18mm bands.

Can I make calls with this watch?

If your smart phone is Android you can. If you have an iPhone, you cannot. If paired with an Android smart phone you’ll be able to voice command the recipient you want to call, accept and decline calls via voice. If you have the bigger 1.63 watch you’ll also be able to conduct a conversation via the watch, as the larger wearable has an internal speaker.

Does it have an internal speaker?

The Asus Zenwatch 2 comes in two sizes. The larger 1.63 device does have a speaker. This speaker can be used for audio calls if you have updated your Android Operating System to Marshmallow. In the Operating System you’ll find a speaker icon that can be turned on or off from the pull-down menu. You can set alarms to ring on the watch or on the phone. The speaker is not super loud, but clear.

Where can I find the official video for the watch?

Is the Asus ZenWatch 2 on sale at

Right now you can buy the Asus ZenWatch 2 for less than $180 on Amazon.

How can I reply to messages via this watch?

You can read and reply to messages via the ZenWatch 2 if you have paired it with an Android smart phone. You’ll be using pre-set replies or voice input to determine messages sent. You’ll be able to get messages from Whatssapp, Hangout, Facebook and others but your replies will be limited to the app you are using, pre-sets available or the voice input made.

Can I use this with Android or iOS smart phones?

Yes, it’ll work with both an Android and Apple smart phone. If you pair this smart watch with an Android smart phone you’ll have 100% of the features. It will also work with an iPhone but you’ll have a few limitations. See above for more information.

Does the ZenWatch 2 have a heart rate monitor like the ZenWatch 1?

No. The ZenWatch 2 doesn’t have a heart rate monitor. Asus removed it as it proved inaccurate on the ZenWatch 1.

How long does the battery last on this smart watch?

We got less than 1 days use in our tests. This was with ambient mode turned on and wrist motion deactivated. We’ve been informed that if you restart the watch after charging the smart watch will last 36 hours as it will close the Android Wear App yet we’ve been unable to prove this in testing.

Is this watch suitable for running?

It can be used while running to track steps. You’ll need to download fitness apps and carry your smart phone to use GPS if tracking a path or specifics along that path. The smart watch alone can only track steps and it doesn’t have a heart rate monitor.

Can I browse the internet with this?

Yes. If you have the watch paired with an Android phone you can get this app from the play store.

What are the uses for the built in WiFi adapter?

WiFi connection is only used for continued at a glance updates on apps installed on watch while not connected to phone.

Where can I find an unboxing video for the wearable?

Can I play Google Music through the watch to headphones?

Yes, you can connect this watch to your smart phone music player. You can then control your music from the watch and listen via any connected Bluetooth headphones with it.

Can I replace the bands easily?

The ZenWatch 2 comes in two sizes. The 1.45 and 1.63. The large screen watch takes 22mm bands. The smaller 1.45 screen uses 18mm bands.  There is a slot on the band provided to unhook the pin from the watch face, making it easy to replace yourself.

Can I go swimming with this watch on?

The ZenWatch 2 is marketed as having 1m waterproofing for up to 30 minutes. This doesn’t mean you can go swimming, surfing or anything where it may submerge for long periods of time.  However you can probably keep it on safely while washing up or in the shower at most.

Are there any good watch faces for this?

Yes. You can access to these by going to the ZenWatch Manager which is available on the Play Store.  You can also download Watchmaker Pro for more options and settings.

What are the key features of this Asus Android watch?

  • 1.45″ AMOLED Touch Screen Display protected by Corning Gorilla Glass 3
  • Built-in Wi-Fi extends the range and connectivity with your phone
  • ASUS Wellness provides a built-in pedometer, fitness tracking, and goal-coaching
  • Enhanced features: unlock the phone via the watch and remote control your phone’s camera
  • Improved phone controls: easily view call log, text message, or emails. Cover to mute incoming calls

Where can I find a video review of the watch?

What are the main Pros and Cons of the watch?

  • First and foremost it has a speaker. Roll on the voice apps.  
  • Can charge 50% in 30 minutes.  
  • The screen is crisp and bright.  
  • WiFi enabled so that smart phone and smart watch don’t always have to be in Bluetooth range of each other.  
  • Asus improved the magnetic charge over the ZenWatch 1.  
  • For the price it is well built.  
  • The leather bands aren’t as comfortable as on other out-the-box smart watches.
  • It’s not a stand out for business or fitness.   
  • It lacks any unique features.

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