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Is the BlueAnt Q3 Premium a good bluetooth headset?

BlueAnt Q3 Premium

BlueAnt Q3 Premium Bluetooth Headset

BlueAnt Q3 Premium Bluetooth Headset - Poor build quality makes it unreliable


From the moment you get this device it feels budget. That’s not always a bad thing but when it performs like a budget device you start to wonder “would I have been better off paying that little bit more?” One minute it works, then it doesn’t. One minute it’s comfortable, then it flies across the room with a single head turn. We don’t recommend this headset, there are better budget options available that will probably last longer.

BlueAnt Q3 Premium Bluetooth Headset

The Top Questions for the BlueAnt Q3 Premium:

Which is better, the Q2 or Q3?

The Q2 is arguably the better BlueAnt headset available. You only have to look at the negativity around the Q3 to see that BlueAnt made a number of errors. The Q3 may offer a longer battery life but the build quality is very low. Additionally the Q3 features seldom work and the fitting never feels great. It’s definitely a budget headset. We’d recommend the BlueAnt Q2.  

Can I connect two phones simultaneously to the Q3?

Yes, the Q3 does support multi-point simultaneous phone connections (maximum of 2).

Can I use this headset with older phones?

We have had this headset working on three generations of phone, ranging from Bluetooth 2.0 onward. This includes on an older iPhone, Galaxy and HTC.

How durable are these headsets?

The Q3 doesn’t feel durable and is prone to come off at random times. We’ve not broken it cosmetically but the functions are very haphazard. Whether that’s come from wear and tear during our limited time we’re not sure. What we know is that compared to other devices that are $40 to $50 more in cost, this feels like a $20 item off of eBay.

BlueAnt Q3 Premium Bluetooth Headset

Are BlueAnt supporting their Q3 with updates?

Is this BlueAnt Q3 Premium Bluetooth Headset on sale at

Right now you can buy the BlueAnt Q3 Premium on Amazon.

Is the power button easier to get to than it was on the Q2?

It is. However we find the new power button on the Q3 very delicate and it already feels to be sinking into the device.

How long does the battery last?

When in standby it can last up to 3 days, or around 5 hours of talk time.

If I’m listening to audio what happens if I get a call?

If you’re listening to music or an audiobook for example and a call comes in, the music or audiobook will fade until the call is over. At that point the music or audiobook will return to it’s normal volume.

Can I use commands to operate Siri or Google Now via the headset?

Yes you can. There is a button that when pressed lets you say “phone command” and this will trigger either Siri or Google Now. This function works quite well and allows you to dictate to text and run other voice commands via your smartphone.

How well does it fit people with small ears?

I have a big head, with big ears and even with the hook it rarely stays on my head when moving. While in use I find myself thinking through movement to ensure it stays on my head. There are worst headsets for fitting out there but this one, when it falls has more probability of breaking – and you know it because of the build quality.

BlueAnt Q3 Premium Bluetooth Headset

Where can I find an unboxing video for this headset?

What is included in the box?

We picked up the bulk package and it felt like a budget package. The box was definitely lacking items but contained the Bluetooth headset, a gel earpiece, over the ear hook and a USB cable for charging. There was no wall charger and it seems if I wanted more ear tips I needed to buy them separately which makes the price point slightly less attractive.

What is the range of its Bluetooth signal?

The range your Bluetooth signal can reach is as dependant on your surroundings and battery charge as it is anything else. If you are in a building that has a lot of electrical or WiFi hubs then the range will be significantly lower. We found the range to be similar to other devices when fully charged and in a non-commercial premise, this is around 20-30 feet.

Does this have any annoying blinking lights when the headset is in use?

Yes it does, but they can be turned off by clicking in the bottom button and voice commanding “LED light off”.

What do BlueAnt say about their Bluetooth Headset?

  • Wideband audio for true-to-life conversations
  • Voice guide setup and pairing
  • Voice Dial with a simple double tap
  • Conference mode with True Multicall
  • Incoming Call Notification and Voice Answer for truly hands-free operation

BlueAnt Q3 Premium Bluetooth Headset

Where can I find a video review of the BlueAnt Q3?

What are the main Pros and Cons of the BlueAnt Q3 Premium?

  • A good price for  a budget Bluetooth headset.  
  • The sound quality and mic is fine. 
  • Very quick and easy to setup.  
  • Includes some of the inputs of pricier headsets.
  • Noise reduction is hit and miss.
  • It doesn’t feel sturdy and is unreliable.  
  • It isn’t always comfortable or well fitting.  
  • The charger and charger notifications are haphazard.