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Is the Jabra Motion a good bluetooth headset?

Jabra Motion Bluetooth Headset

Jabre Motion Bluetooth Headset

Jabra Motion Bluetooth Headset - Technically good, functionally impossible


The Jabra Motion looks nice, it sounds fine and the noise cancellation is good. The problems come when trying to wear it! It just doesn’t fit me well, requiring a constant head tilt to keep it in ear for any period of time. Also the answer call button, ends calls and is massive. So whenever I try to re-position the headset I find myself cutting off calls. Add the strange volume slide gesture and this headset just becomes a nightmare to use.

Jabra Motion Bluetooth Headset

The Top Questions for the Jabra Motion:

Is this comfortable to wear with glasses?

The Jabra Motion doesn’t press or hold onto any part of the ear or head where your glasses would go. The headset is light but loose on the ear so finding the right gel, head position or keeping still is going to be a bigger discomfort than wearing glasses.

How good is Jabra and Amazon with warranty replacements?

Buying a headset is tricky from some outlets. For example the Jawbone doesn’t cover sales via Jabra on the other hand do, from research we have seen no trouble with communication or getting a replacement which is excellent and reassuring.

Does this pick up your voice well?

The microphone works very well. As good as the Plantronics Voyager Legend or Edge. What we’ve discovered is that many headsets perform very well in voice and background noise tests. It’s in the other areas where they stand apart. The Jabra Motion is no different. A strong microphone let down by other elements.

What is the difference between the Motion and Motion UC headsets?

The UC version of all Bluetooth headsets come with a USB dongle that can be used on PC’s. This allows the headset to communicate with a computer. If you already have a Bluetooth ready computer or laptop you won’t need the UC version of this device.

Jabra Motion Bluetooth Headset

Where can I find an official video for this headset?

Is this Jabra Motion Bluetooth Headset on sale at

Right now you can buy the Jabra Motion on Amazon.

Can this headset read out a text message in your ear?

The majority of functions like this are dependant on the smartphone, apps available and settings. The Jabra Motion could play a text-to-voice message if your smartphone is setup for it. Getting the headset to read the message without having to use your phone is probably a bigger challenge, one that would require the use of Siri or Google Now and a host of voice commands.

Does it announce the caller?

Yes, this headset can announce the callers name. You would need to upload or connect your contact list to Jabra for it to work. You would also need to enable voice commands in your phone call settings. You will only get a ‘name’ announcement if the caller is in your contact list. The rest will be numbers or tones.

Can you answer or ignore calls using voice commands?

Yes, you can do this by holding the command button down and saying phone commands. This will trigger Siri or Google Now, at this point you can say accept or decline call. Make sure you have Siri or Google Now enabled when starting the headsets first setup, Jabra has step by step voice procedures to follow to ensure your setup is right.

Will this say when you have received a text message?

There is a notification sound when a text is received. You cannot get an announcement saying who the text is from however, but you can have the text read out via Siri or Google Now if you use voice commands.

Does this model connect to a computer?

No. You will need the UC model. The UC is a more expensive Motion device that comes with a USB dongle.

Can I use this headset to listen to music?

Yes. A Bluetooth headset can connect to any other Bluetooth device. This includes stereos, tablets and consoles to hear music. The one negative about listening to music on this headset is that it’s mono. This means the audio volume wont be as loud as you possibly like it.

Jabra Motion Bluetooth Headset

Where can I find an unboxing video for the Jabra Motion?

What is the maximum possible range between smartphone and headset?

This is dependant on battery life, environment and conditions. At worst you’ll have 10-12ft, at best on an unobstructed line it could be anything up to 50-60 ft.

Can it connect to 2 Bluetooth devices simultaneously?

Yes you can, and it’s usually easy to switch. If you’re listening to music from your stereo and someone calls, if you press the answer call button the music will fade and the call will start.  Also if you turn something on while listening to another, it will automatically switch over to the system you just turned on if there is sound.

What comes in the box?

It comes with Jabra Motion Headset, 2 Ultimate Comfort Eargels, 1 car charger, 1 USB to micro-USB cable, 1 quick start guide. And it comes with 2 ear replacement ear buds.  It does not come with a wall charger.

Does it use a proprietary charger?

The Jabra Motion uses a standard micro-USB charging cable.

What do Jabra say about their Bluetooth Headset?

  • Motion Sensor Intelligence -adjusts headset volume to environment you are in, automatically answers calls when picked up and contains power saving mode for longer battery life
  • Intuitive flip-boom with wind-noise protection and Noise Blackout technology for ultimate sound in any environment
  • Personalized comfort with height adjustments, rotating earbud for left or right ear wearing and multiple sized ear gels
  • Stream multimedia -GPS, music or internet radio (A2DP)
  • Update with latest firmware given below for better battery management.

Jabra Motion Bluetooth Headset

Where can I find a video review of the Jabra Motion?

What are the main Pros and Cons of the Jabra Motion?

  • Clear and generally loud sound quality. On par with the Voyager Legend.  
  • Competent noise reduction.  On par with the Voyager Legend.
  • Flipping the mic down to answer a call feels good.  
  • The size and placement of the answer button makes it difficult to push into the ear and easy to hang up on someone.  
  • A strange finger swipe mechanism for volume which is slow to use.  
  • It doesn’t hold onto the ear very well, it makes me want to hold onto it – which is an issue with the answer button.