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Is the Motorola Elite Sliver II a good bluetooth headset?

Motorola Sliver Bluetooth Headset

Motorola Elite Sliver II Bluetooth Headset

Motorola Elite Sliver II Bluetooth Headset - Good features with glaring problems


The Motorola Elite Sliver II is a good headset but a few problems hold it back from being one of the better options available. The call quality, charging and aesthetics are great but it has a short Bluetooth distance and very little durability. In addition the design can cause hassle for those who wear glasses. It’s worth a look if you can get past these problems though.

Motorola Elite Sliver II Bluetooth Headset

The Top Questions for the Moto Elite Sliver II:

What are the main differences between the Sliver and Sliver II?

The Sliver II improves charging, allowing you to charge the headset directly via the micro-USB or charging case. The Sliver II has a slightly better fit for non-glass wearers but its increased size doesn’t improve durability. Another change is that the Sliver II can connect to multiple devices. On the flip side the Sliver I didn’t have the Bluetooth connectivity issues the II has and glasses felt more comfortable to wear over longer periods of time.

Does this device announce caller names or numbers?

If the name of the caller is in your headsets contact list it will be announced fully.

How good is the noise reduction on this headset?

This isn’t a headset for loud environments. The BlueParrott is a better option if you’re looking for noise reduction.

How comfortable is this headset with glasses?

It’s okay over short periods. It’s not that it’s uncomfortable but awkward. It requires your glasses arm either being wedged between head and earhook or worst still balancing on the outer ridge of your ear. Both of these is only a problem because of how well this headset fits your ear without glasses.

Motorola Elite Sliver II Bluetooth Headset

Where can I find a video trailer for the headset?

Is this Motorola Elite Sliver II Bluetooth Headset on sale at

Right now you can buy the Elite Sliver II on Amazon here.

Does its lack of mic boom make it look good in public?

It’s a very discrete headset. It’s small and well fitted to your head and ear (unless you wear glasses). Even though the Sliver II is bigger than the first iteration, the devices scale could be a reason why they break so easy or why they drop Bluetooth signal regularly. One positive is that even though it’s small the volume is good and the mic picks up your voice well.

Can you stream music to the headset?

Yes. The volume isn’t too weak like on a lot of the other more discrete headsets either. This headset will pick up any of the Bluetooth devices you own, whether that be an iPad, stereo etc. Additionally if you are listening to music via your smartphone and someone calls, the music will pause for the call and resume after.

Can this be used to auto answer hands free?

Yes. Whenever you receive a call you’ll be asked “Answer or Ignore”. You can simply answer and start your call. Unfortunately you can’t get texts to be read and dictated back as a reply unless you have a Motorola X smartphone and the MotoSpeak App.

Is this a sturdy Motorola headset?

This has been the problem with the Sliver and Sliver II. They feel delicate and really do break easily. We’d advise using the charging case at every opportunity, not to keep the battery up but to keep it from being crushed (like ours).

How bad is the Bluetooth connection on the Sliver II?

Poor. Anything beyond 10-12 feet and you are gambling with the connection. Additionally the further the headset from connected device the worst the quality gets.

Motorola Elite Sliver II Bluetooth Headset

Where can I find an unboxing video for this headset?

What comes in the box?

In the retail box you get the Bluetooth headset, 3 ear tips of varying size, a micro-USB cable and the charger case. The instructions must be downloaded from the website.

How long does it take to charge the battery? And how long does it last?

To fully charge the case and headset it will take around 1 hour. This gives the case around 6 hours of additional charge and the headset about 4 hours in our experience. The fact the headset can charge from the charging case in around 15 minutes depending on how depleted both are is great in emergencies.

How good are Motorola’s customer service?

The Sliver II is delicate. I broke mine within 2 months by simply being club handed when taking it off. My purchase wasn’t directly from Motorola but the re-seller said to contact them anyway. Normally I wouldn’t, after all I had broken it but I thought it may lead to an interesting story for this blog. I was wrong, it didn’t. All I had to do was prove I purchased a retail package of the headset and explain how I broke it. No arguments, no desperate attempts to convince them it wasn’t me. They offered a replacement and asked for the broken one to be sent back. It was so simple.

What do Motorola say about their Bluetooth Headset?

  • Chargeable case for extra power
  • upon using this item customers should read the manual guide and this should guide them how to use this item in a proper way preventing any problems
  • Crystal clear, HD audio
  • With five hours of talk time1 and 12 days on standby, you’ll win the race against time -every time
  • Connect to nearly all other Bluetooth-enabled devices such as Android-powered phones and tablets, laptops, music players and other products from many major brands

Motorola Elite Sliver II Bluetooth Headset

Where can I find a video review of the Elite Sliver II?

What are the main Pros and Cons of the Motorola Elite Sliver II Bluetooth Headset?

  • Flexible and rapid charging.  
  • The charging case is a nice addition.  
  • Volume and mic quality is good.  
  • It’s sleek and looks good.  
  • Impressive customer service. 
  • The Bluetooth signal is not good.
  • It’s not very sturdy.
  • It’s not comfortable while wearing glasses.