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Is the Pebble Time for me?

Pebble Time
Is the Pebble Time Smart Watch right for me?

Pebble Time

Watch out, it’s Pebble Time!

We liked the Pebble Time Round because it took Pebble away from what we consider a horrible blocky aesthetic. With the Pebble Time smart watch they are back to their blocky ways. Sure this design is better for battery life, waterproofing and has a huge 10,000 app ecosystem but it doesn’t look good on our wrist. There is no doubt the Pebble Time is fantastic value for money, coming in at just over $100 but it doesn’t matter how much content or functionality it has – if it doesn’t look cool why wear it? This is why we give the Pebble Time a respectable 3.5 out of 5.

The Top Questions for the Pebble Time:

Does the watch work with iPhone or Android?

Both. In our opinion this is one of Pebble’s great selling points. It doesn’t matter if you’re an iPhone or Android smart phone user the Pebble Time can pair up and get maximum functionality unlike its competitors who have limitations if you don’t use the right smart phone.

What is the difference between the Pebble Time and Pebble Time Round?

The Pebble Time is plastic and glass with full waterproofing. It has a 7-day battery life and runs every single app made for Pebble, which in total is around 10,000 apps.  The Pebble Time Round is steel, leather and glass.  It’s made to look like a classic watch, it is water resistant and has a 2 day battery life but it charges rapidly. The Pebble Time Round also only has access to around 1000 apps on the Pebble store. The Pebble Time Round is also significantly thinner.

Does this  have a heart rate monitor?

No it does not. However Pebble are back on Kickstarter with the Pebble 2 and Time 2 which will include more fitness tracking including a heart rate monitor. In our opinion the features are great but the Pebble aesthetic continues to look like a kids toy. For fitness check out the Fitbit Blaze, for style check out the Samsung Gear S2.  These wearables have fantastic heart rate monitors but lack in other smart watch functionality sadly. We’re confident Pebble 2 and Time 2 will end up in a Round option at some point in the future.

Can I change the strap?

The great thing with the Pebble Time is that any 22mm watch band will fit the case. Also the Pebble bands have a quick release spring that requires no special tools to remove.

Where can I find the official video for the watch?

Is the Pebble Time on sale at

Right now you can buy the Pebble Time for $100 on Amazon.

Does the screen fade out like the original Pebble?

No. The Pebble Time uses 64 bit colour e-paper unlike the original Pebble smart watch.

Does the watch have a mic?

Yes. The Pebble Time has a mic for dictating voice replies for text messages and more. The Pebble Store also has a host of apps that can connect to the microphone on the smart watch but there is no speaker. So you can dial phone calls, accept / decline incoming calls but you’ll not be able to have a conversation via the watch.

Can I make and answer phone calls with this?

Yes you can accept or decline a call, you can even tell the watch to dial someone but you cannot conduct a conversation via the smart watch. The smart watch has no speaker. You can connect a Bluetooth headset however to your phone, so when you voice command to dial someone the conversation can be conducted via the headset.

Is the watch waterproof?

Yes. It is waterproof for up to 30m. This is fantastic for those who want to track their swimming or keep the watch on in the shower.  Pebble do however say don’t use the buttons while in the shower or under water as it can damage the seal.

How good is the notification vibration?

The vibrations from this smart watch are good. If you work with heavy machinery that vibrates or have some other highly active job there is a chance you could miss the vibration but this would be the case with most smart watches in our opinion. It’s definitely enough to wake you up in the morning as an alarm.

How good is the battery life on this?

This is one of three areas where the Pebble Time shines. With a full charge the Pebble Time can last up to 7 days. On average a smart watch will last 2-3 days at most, some even needing a fresh charge each day. This is the exception.

Where can I find an unboxing video for the watch?

Is this touch screen?

No. It’s operated with buttons which many users consider much more convenient and probably why it is waterproof.

Can I connect my smart phone and listen to music via the watch?

Yes. Pebble Music is a system app that interfaces with your smart phone’s music apps. There are lots of other apps you can choose from in the Pebble app store if you don’t like the system app. The great thing is the Pebble Time is made to connect to Android and Apple smart phone devices.

Does Pebble have an app for the NFL, MLB or NBA?

Yes. The best is probably the ESPN app. This app will show you lots of information regarding any game. You can also get all your ESPN alerts from your phone app on the smart watch so you can be notified of each score or by quarter, half, as the game unfolds. You can even set it to alert you when the games begin and end.

What do Pebble say about their watch?

  • Notifications at a glance: calendar events, text and emails, incoming calls, and more.
  • It includes Pebble Health, a built-in activity and sleep tracker with daily reports and weekly insights
  • Full suite of Pebble features, including timeline calendar alerts, notifications, and silent alarms
  • Water resistant to 30 meters
  • A full charge can last up to 7 days

Where can I find a video review for this device?

What are the main Pros and Cons for this watch?

  • Waterproof up to 30m, 7 day battery life and can connect to iPhone or Android smart phones.  
  • Fantastic selection of apps.
  • Great value for money.
  • Good interface for button controls.
  • Clunky, square design that feels like a toy.
  • Voice recognition can be a little hit and miss.  
  • The front bezel scratches easily.

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