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Is the Samsung Gear S2 right for you?

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The Samsung Gear S2

Android Smart Watch

It has the looks but not the apps

At first glance the Samsung Gear S2 looks amazing. It has style and great features out of the box – but that is where it ends. There is no doubt the 3G version is a winner because its smart phone free – however the WiFi version of the Gear S2 has no real stand out features above other Android smart watches. It’s lack of access to Android Wear and the limitation to just Android devices make this smart watch lesser than the Moto 360 Version 2 in our opinion.  HeyTC give it a 3 out of 5.

The Top Questions for the Samsung Gear S2:

Does this have access to the Android Wear marketplace?

No. The Gear S2 uses the Samsung App Store. This means less apps compared to Google Android Wear and App Store but the Gear S2 has everything you need if you’re seeking a classic watch look with the most common smart watch features.

Does the Samsung Gear S2 work with iPhone?

No. This watch is solely for Android phones. You can find other watches that support iOS like the Motorola 360 version 2.

What is the battery life like on this wearable?

Samsung say the charge will last three whole days but depending on usage, in particular with the always on function that may drop down to 24 – 48 hours per charge.

Can I answer calls via this watch?

You can answer the call but you’ll to talk and listen via your smart phone as this watch has no microphone. There is a 3g and 4g variation of the smart watch will allow for calls to be made. This will include it’s own Sim-card and have it’s own mobile number.

Where can I find the official video for the watch?

Is the Samsung Gear S2 on sale at

Right now you can buy the Samsung Gear S2 Smart Watch for $300 on Amazon.

Can I download music to the watch and listen to it?

Yes and no. You can download music to the watch but as it doesn’t have a speaker you’ll need to connect a Bluetooth headset. The 3g and 4g version have a speaker which can play music directly from the smart watch however.

Is the smart watch waterproof?

No. It is water resistant only. This means no salt water, no high water pressure, no swimming or scuba diving. You can probably wash dishes, take short showers or get caught in heavy rain. However any regular contact with water will probably shorten the watches life span.

Can I connect this watch and a Bluetooth headset to an Android phone at the same time?

Of course. That is the point of wearable technology. It is all meant to link back to a smart phone to take advantage of its connectivity. Yet you’ll need an Android phone to connect to this smart watch.

Does this watch come with the wireless charger?

Yes it does. You get everything needed to charge and wear your smart watch in the box.

Would I get notifications of texts, calls and other messages via this watch?

Yes. If your smart phone is connected or if you have a Samsung S2 connected via a cell service all communication including social media notifications will be available at a flip of your wrist. You can answer a call (but not talk unless you have a cell service connected), reply to texts and other messaging via the smart watch directly.

Does this smart watch have a heart rate monitor?

Yes. It is probably one of the most accurate heart rate monitors available on a smart watch and is only beaten by actual chest strap devices. If you’re a runner or cyclist we would recommend the 3G version, since it also has GPS for tracking distance and paths.

Can I play YouTube videos on it?

No. Due to screen size this probably wont be a feature in the future either.

Where can I find an unboxing video for this watch?

I’ve heard negative things about the app selection, is this true?

As this smart watch uses Tizen OS not Android Wear its app selection is limited. If you want an impressive selection of apps you are better off with a different android smart watch or the Apple Watch Sport.

How strong is the screens glass and straps?

The face is made of the same Gorilla glass as a Samsung phone and the smaller area makes it more difficult to break than a smartphone screen. It is also strapped to your wrist, so you are much less likely to drop it. The wearable feels solidly constructed but if you are worried about breaking it there are tempered glass screen protectors available.

What do Samsung say about this watch?

  • Circular touch screen and rotational bezel navigation
  • Customizable watch faces
  • Compatible with most Android devices
  • Get calendar notifications, texts, and news from your phone right on your wrist
  • Wireless charging dock included
  • Built-in fitness tracking

Where can I find a video review of this watch?

What are the main Pros and Cons of this watch?

  • This wearable has a fantastic battery life, a single charge can last up to three days.
  • The device feels well built and sturdy making it ideal for everyday use.
  • The smart watch looks elegant and stylish.  It also has great functionality right out the box.
  • The heart rate monitor doesn’t require a chest strap and is accurate.
  • The 3G version doesn’t require a smart phone to track GPS for exercise.  
  • The wearable isn’t waterproof so swimming cannot be tracked.
  • The Samsung App Store is weak compared to Android Wear and App Store.  
  • The strap has been described as flimsy by some users.  


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