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Is the Sony SmartWatch 3 right for me?

Sony SmartWatch 3 Wearable
Is the Sony SmartWatch 3 right for you?

Sony SmartWatch 3 Wearable

Does Sony make it right with with version 3?

The Sony SmartWatch 3 is a decent smart watch made better with the apps available on Android Wear and its built in GPS chip. Being able to add streaming video from security cameras or our smart phone is fun but there is something retro about the aesthetic and feel that we can’t get past. When compared to some of the slightly more expensive watches the Sony SmartWatch 3 feels cheaper and more likely to break. This doesn’t mean it will but while wearing it we couldn’t help but be more protective and careful and because of this we’re rating it a respectable 3.5 out of 5.

The Top Questions for the Sony SmartWatch 3:

Does this use Android Wear or Sony’s custom Operating System?

Unlike previous versions of the Sony SmartWatch the #3 doesn’t use a custom operating system. Instead it uses Android Wear which means plenty of apps and rapid updates improving performance and regularly added features.

Can I save music on the watch or does it need to stream from my Android Smart Phone?

This Smart Watch can store up to 4GB’s of music directly on the watch. You don’t need a smart phone for playback – only Bluetooth headphones.

Does this wearable have a speaker?

The SmartWatch 3 doesn’t have a speaker. So you’ll need a Bluetooth speaker, headset or headphones if you want to listen to music. The Sony SmartWatch 3 directly connects to Bluetooth devices but to use certain features like accepting a call a headset will be needed.

Where can I find the official video for the watch?

Is the Sony SmartWatch 3 on sale at

Right now you can buy the Sony SmartWatch 3 for $175 on Amazon.

Can I receive accept or reject calls via the watch?

You can accept a call via the SmartWatch 3 but you’ll need a Bluetooth headset and smart phone to talk and listen. To accept a call you can swipe right on the screen or you can reject by swiping left. The watch does have a microphone so you can use voice commands to initiate calls but would need the phone or headset to carry on.

 Can I reply to a text I receive on my phone via this watch?

You can receive messages but cannot type a response. Instead you can use pre-set responses within specific apps or create a voice-to-text message.

Can I receive messages from Skype?

Whenever you receive a message, whether it be Skype or another app you’ll receive a notification if you have it set-up on your SmartWatch and Smart Phone.

Is this watch WiFi ready?

Even though the Sony SmartWatch 3 has built in WiFi apps that make use of specific features are limited. This means you’ll still probably need to pair with an Android Smart Phone for full features, or an iPhone with limited features.

How good is this watch if you don’t pair with a smart phone?

Without a paired Smart Phone the majority of all Smart Watch features are unavailable. The Sony SmartWatch 3 is no different. Without a paired Smart Phone this wearable can use GPS, play music (if you have a Bluetooth headphone or speaker connected), tell time and track certain exercises via the pedometer. There are few other apps which will add more functionality but an Android Smart Phone is recommended if you want 100% from this wearable.

Does this watch have a pedometer?

Yes. The best and most unique feature of this smart watch is that it has a GPS chip. When using apps like RunKeeper which utilise the GPS you’ll find the pedometer is fantastic, especially as it can take advantage of the GPS and multi-axis accelerometer which gives more feedback and accuracy.

Does this have a heart rate monitor?

The Sony SmartWatch 3 doesn’t have a heart rate monitor. You can however purchase a Bluetooth chest strap and connect it via an app. This obviously means it has no use for tracking sleep so if this feature is critical you’re better off skipping this wearable.

Where can I find an unboxing video for this watch?

How visible is the screen in direct sunlight?

The display is clear in daylight, even in direct sunlight. However the color is washed out, this doesn’t make the screen less readable however. So you will have no problems seeing notifications or the time.

Is the strap easily replaceable?

The strap is easy to replace by yourself. However there are only strap options by Sony. Options include; stainless, leather and rubber. Leather and rubber come in different colours.

Does this watch vibrate when you go out of Bluetooth range?

The SmartWatch 3 does has a setting which has the watch vibrate twice if your watch moves out of range of your Smart Phone or Speaker.

What do Sony say about their wearable?

  • Battery Life lasts for up to 48 hours of normal use.
  • Numerous sensors adding accuracy and usability; Ambient light sensors, Accelerometer, Compass, Gyro, GPS.
  • Powered By Android Wear, offering a diverse app ecosystem and countless software updates.
  • Voice commands that add usability, commands include Search, Call, Find.
  • An extension of your smart phone with Notifications right to your wrist.

Where can I find a video review for this watch?

What are the main Pros and Cons of this watch?

  • A huge selection of apps via Android Wear.  
  • The SmartWatch 3 Syncs across WiFi and Bluetooth.  
  • The only watch to have a built in GPS.
  • Competitive price point considering its features.
  • Good voice commands and voice to text accuracy.
  • If used extensively the battery life can end up around 1 day only.
  • The charging port is awkward to get to.
  • The GPS can drop when outside of WiFi hotspots.

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