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Is the VXi BlueParrott a good bluetooth headset?

VXi BlueParrott Bluetooth Headset

VXi Blue Parrot Bluetooth Headset

VXi BlueParrott 350XT - A Great but Fiddly Headset


The battery life and noise reduction alone make this one of the best headsets technically on the market, but its fiddly inputs and frustrating foam tips leave it far from frustration free. This headset is ideal for those always on the road or chained to an office desk.

VXi BlueParrot Bluetooth Headset

The Top Questions for the VXi BlueParrott:

How good is the noise cancelling on the BlueParrott?

In one word, fantastic! It’s probably the best we’ve experienced. It’s not perfect but outside of the loudest random background noise this headset will make your caller think you’re in a private office while out on the road. Thankfully the caller volume is also really strong against any background noise you’re in. This means you can have a clear conversation at least while the Bluetooth and mobile signal hold up.

Which is the better headset, the 250+ or the 350?

The BlueParrott 350 improves on the 250 in many ways. The 350 has more new features and improves quality in key areas like battery life. Yet the 250 is still a very good headset that has been reviewed well and proven to be high quality. The best way to make a decision is to decide whether you want great noise reduction in a slimmer model? If so, go for the 350.

Is this the newest version of the VXi headset?

Yes it is. The BlueParrott 350 replaces the 250-XT. The other releases include the Reveal and Point. These are smaller, slimmer models but they don’t have the same features as the XT’s. For example battery life and microphone quality is lower. These are more in competition with the Jawbone ERA or Voyager Edge.

Is this headset stereo?

The B350XT does support Stereo Bluetooth. This feature is known as A2DP (Advanced Audio Distribution Profile).  The B350XT supports Stereo Bluetooth Streaming for music, video and directions.

VXi BlueParrot Bluetooth Headset

Where can I find an official video for this headset?

Is this VXi BlueParrot Bluetooth Headset on sale at

Right now you can buy the VXi BlueParrott on Amazon.

Is the older 250-XT headset more reliable?

The older 250-XT has been available for purchase much longer than the 350-XT. By definition this means their would have been more time for VXi to update and improve the 250-XT. So technically the 350-XT is better but the 250-XT has been tried and tested by many people so its easier to get an impression of how good or problematic the headset might be. So far we’ve had no issues with the 350-XT and it’s our headset of choice while anywhere but in public.

Do VXi support the 350XT?

Over the last few months we’ve purchased and spent a fair amount of time with many of the highly rated headsets. We’ve purchased headsets from Amazon and found their to be no warranty or support on some models. With VXi it’s different. We’ve found that they do cover warranties and they are actively supporting their products, which is excellent.

Can you switch between a laptop and a smartphone easily?

Yes. We do it all the time and its very easy. The headset can support up to two devices simultaneously so all you need to do is pair them and then switch via the Bluetooth menu.

Is there a Google Now or Siri button for voice dialing?

You can’t do this immediately but there is a way to configure. All you need to do is download the Blueparrott App on your smartphone or PC. To configure the Parrott button it takes a couple of minutes and you can set it up to do anything, from speed dialing a specific person to launching a particular app. This includes launching Google Now or Siri. Once set you can use voice dialing and other voice commands, or even voice-to-text.

Does it say the name of the caller?

No. You can use voice commands though via Google Now or Siri to make calls.

Is there a mute button?

Yes. Right out of the box the configurable button will mute a call. If you configure that button to do something else you can hold the volume up button for 2 seconds to trigger mute. While on mute the reminder tone will sound every 10 seconds. To exit mute you can press volume up again for 2 seconds.

VXi BlueParrot Bluetooth Headset

Where can I find an unboxing video for the VXi BlueParrott?

Is there volume adjustment on the headset and how loud can it go?

Yes. You can adjust the volume on the headset. There are two buttons, one to increase and another to decrease. The volume level on the headset is dependant on the settings on the device it is connected to. The volume can go moderately high but the system tones and voice remain a constant low.

Can you use the headset while charging it?

Yes. However, when you plug the headset in to a power source it will power off the headset. All you have to do is turn the headset back on and you’re good to go. You can even use while it is charging from your car.

How long is the battery life on the 350-XT?

Talk time is an amazing 24 hours. This isn’t a false claim, it really does last that long. The BlueParrott 350-XT can also remain in standby for a whopping 500 hours. It also only needs around an hour to fully charge.

Does the 350-XT tell you when a call has been terminated?

Yes. You don’t need to worry about a call dropping and you continuing to chat like with many other headsets. Whenever a call drops, whether it be signal or range a system tone will be heard. It might be too quiet for some though, even on a higher volume.

What do VXi say about their Bluetooth Headset?

  • Be heard clearly everywhere with the industry’s best noise cancelling (95%).
  • Use with two cell phones or a phone and PC at the same time. Talk for 24 hours, and charge via micro USB.
  • New Parrott Button can be set to your choice of mute, speed dial and more.
  • Stream music or GPS directions to the headset. Simple one touch pairing to your phone (NFC pairing).
  • Durable all-day comfort. Use VXi Updater to keep your B350-XT up to date with the latest firmware.

VXi BlueParrot Bluetooth Headset

Where can I find a video comparison of the VXi BlueParrot models?

What are the main Pros and Cons of the VXi BlueParrot?

  • The noise cancelling is second to none!
  • The talk time is very impressive, up to 24 hours with 500 hours of standby.  
  • It’s big but comfortable.  
  • The clarity of sound is good on voices, great on directions, video and music.  
  • You can use and charge at the same time via micro-USB.
  • Microphone is fiddly and the foam tips regularly fall off.  
  • The system sounds are far too quiet, even at full volume.  
  • The buttons are flat, close together and often result in wrong things being pressed.