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The Best Smart Watches for Women

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Buying a smart watch can feel like a technology minefield. So many options and features that if you get fooled by marketing and opinion there is a chance you’ll buy an ineffectual smart watch. It might not work with your phone, it may have a horrendous battery life. Research is important but knowing what to look for is priceless. To avoid the minefield check out HeyTC’s Top Five Tips to buying a smart watch.

When my husband first got sucked into the smart watch hype he made a number of questionable purchases. Now that smart watches finally realise there is a market for women I’m not going to make the same mistakes. Here’s my Top Five Smart Watches for Women 2016.

#5. Exclusively for women

I’ve never actually used a Shammane smart watch but I’ve read reviews and seen the coverage. It’s definitely ‘for women’ and it’s great these products are not just coming out but getting positive coverage.

Where can I find the official video for the Shammane watch?

HeyTC hasn’t covered the Shammane yet as it’s not readily available. Expect a full review sometime in the future, but until then this watch gets an honourable mention in my top five as it’s one I’m looking forward to trying.

#4. For those who want a classic look

The first time I saw the Pebble Time Round I didn’t think it was a smart watch. It wasn’t bulky in size or weight, it looked and felt like a traditional watch. At 38.5mm x 38.5mm, 7.5mm thickness and 28g in weight the round simple design is elegant but far from memorable. The version I tried had the thicker 20mm band but there is a 14mm option making it even more subtle.

The Key Features of the Pebble Time Round:

  • It includes Pebble Health, a built-in activity and sleep tracker with daily reports and weekly insights
  • Full suite of Pebble features, including timeline calendar alerts, notifications, and silent alarms
  • Splash resistant so you can live your life like normal
  • Battery provides power for up to 2 days, and recharges fast: add a day of power in just 20 minutes

Pebble watches have fantastic apps covering fitness, social media, games etc. So if you’re looking for a smart watch to replace your regular watch then this is for you. For me, I want something that looks and feels different on my wrist.

#3. For those who track fitness

I used to have a Fitbit Charge – it melted. Therefore I’m not a fan of Fitbit, yet admittedly the Blaze looks and performs well. It’s excellent for those early morning runs when paired with a smart phone, you can track your route monitoring steps, heart rate and anything else you can think of. It seems like a sturdy watch too, while wearing my husbands I definitely didn’t feel like I’d easily break it.

The Key Features of the Fitbit Blaze:

  • Track steps, distance, calories burned, floors climbed and active minutes
  • Get PurePulse continuous, wrist-based heart rate monitoring with no uncomfortable chest straps
  • Use multi-sport tracking to track runs, cardio, cross-training, biking and more
  • Enable Connected GPS to map your routes and see run stats like pace and duration on display (when your phone is nearby)

The Fitbit Charge is great for fitness, fine at everything else. If fitness is your focus then it’s no doubt worth the $180 price if you’re going to use it’s features to the max. I wouldn’t, not regularly anyway.

#2. For those who want it all

The Apple Watch Sport is modern, it’s fashionable (it’s Apple) and has every app I will ever need.  I know Apple, I like Apple. They’re simple to use, great to look at and hard to damage.

We didn’t have the 38mm version available for me to test but considering its smaller and lighter (38.6mm x 33.3mm and 25g) than the Pebble Time Round (38.5mm x 38.5mm and 28g), and only 3mm thicker I know the Apple Watch Sport will look great on my wrist and provide the style I want in a smart watch.

The Key Features of the Apple Watch Sport:

  • This dependable and versatile wearable gadget helps you organize your daily activities efficiently and achieve your full potential.
  • The unisex watch is a virtual wrist-worn assistant. With this on your wrist, you can receive and make calls, dictate text messages and send them to your friends or colleagues, call a taxi, browse through plenty of apps, and even track your fitness activity – all this without the need to even take your smartphone out.
  • The Digital Crown on the Apple Watch Sport, visually resembling the analogue winding mechanism on the mechanical watches, helps you swipe through app icons on the 42mm Ion-X OLED Retina display, while the side button gives you an easy access to your preferred contacts.
  • The unique Taptic Engine is designed to give you delicate and fully customizable nudges when you get a notification.

What I don’t like is the $350 price point. I might be able to wear this on a run or at the gym but would I want to? Some might be brave enough to wear this watch all the time but I want something that I can wear every day, all day.

#1. For those that want convenience

I love the Pebble Time smart watch. It’s not stylish, it’s not elegant, it’s not sporting in looks. It’s bulky, it’s got buttons but it’s nostalgic. It reminds me of my childhood which makes me feel like I’m wearing something different.

That nostalgic feeling isn’t the best thing about this smart watch. It’s the convenience. Charge it fully and it will last for up to 7 days. This is amazing considering most other watches only last 18-24 hours per full charge. I can wear it while swimming, in the shower or whatever I choose to do in my day to day life. It’s tough, it’s durable and at $100 if I break it I could buy 2.5 more before spending the same as I would have on an Apple Watch Sport. Finally, Pebble have several apps for everything so I’m spoilt for choice in what I can do with the watch too.

The Key Features of the Pebble Time watch:

  • Notifications at a glance: calendar events, text and emails, incoming calls, and more.
  • It includes Pebble Health, a built-in activity and sleep tracker with daily reports and weekly insights
  • Full suite of Pebble features, including timeline calendar alerts, notifications, and silent alarms
  • Water resistant to 30 meters

For me, no other watch made me feel like I was using something different which is exactly what I needed from my first smart watch. Pebble has a new fan in me.