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What made the Echo great was Alexa’s ‘always on’ functionality. Without that immediacy, Alexa loses its luxury and using your smart device’s voice assistant becomes more convenient as you’ll probably have a smart device in hand, rather than the Amazon Tap. This doesn’t mean the Tap isn’t a good device, it just loses that star appeal without Alexa being always on.

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The Amazon Tap Speaker, or it just an Echo?

With a focus on mobility what can Amazon’s Tap conjure in terms of a new or even streamlined Echo experience? Does the Tap deliver or does size really matter?

The Top Questions for the Amazon Tap?

Amazon Echo versus Tap, what is the difference?

The Tap is all about being mobile. With an in-built battery, charging pad and a more reserved volume Amazon have built the Tap with travel in mind. For all the positives, a major and controversial difference is that the ‘always on’ Alexa is now activated only by tap. Making it more hands on than the Echo.

If connected to power do I still need to press the tap button?

Yes. With the Tap there is no setting to define Alexa as being ‘always on’. This makes sense on a mobile device, but also makes the Tap less user friendly in that you must physically interact in order to get one of it’s best features. Without it being ‘always on’ you’re restricted to using a mobile device to control, or continuously tapping the Alexa button. In addition, because of this it seems like Amazon has used a slightly weaker mic because you’ll need to be much closer in order to interact via voice commands.

Can just use a smart device to control instead of tapping?

Yes. Via the Alexa app you can have access to all the features and other applications used by the Tap. The navigation is quick and easy, and within a moment you’ll find what you’re looking for. The tap option is quicker for many actions, like calling a specific radio station or finding a specific song on Amazon Music, Spotify, Pandora etc.

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Where can I find the official Amazon Tap video?

Where can I find the Tap on

Use this link to go direct to the Amazon Tap.

Can I stream music from my any device to the Amazon Tap?

Yes you can. The Amazon Tap is a Bluetooth speaker first and foremost, so you can easily pair with a smart device and begin streaming your music library. Whether it be from iTunes or Google Play. To stream, you’ll need to cast content from the smart device to the Amazon Tap.

Can there be more than one Amazon Tap connected to the Alexa app?

Yes you can. Each Tap will show as a unique device in Alexa, so you can move between Bluetooth speakers, but audio is not synced so transitions aren’t smooth.

Can I request the news, weather and other information via Alexa?

Yes. The Tap has all the voice commands and controls of the Echo.

Can I access Amazon prime music without a smart device?

Yes. The only time you need your smart device is to setup the WiFi initially. Once that is done you can use the Amazon Tap without a smart device, however you are limited to services via WiFi like Amazon Music.

What use is the Amazon Tap if its not connected to WiFi?

Without WiFi the Amazon Tap is purely a Bluetooth speaker.

Can the Tap be used as part of my home automation?

Yes, the Tap can be used to control any home technology that connects to Alexa. The Tap is a smaller, mobile version of Echo. So if the Echo can do it, so can the Tap.

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Where can I find an Amazon Tap unboxing video?

 Can the Amazon Tap play audio-books?

Yes. The Amazon Tap can connect to the Audible library, or have ‘text-to-speech’ audio cast to the speaker if the Kindle book supports it.

Can I set an alarm like I do with the Amazon Echo?

Yes you can, it’s just slightly more inconvenient because the Tap isn’t always listening. The fact you must tap the Alexa button to set an alarm or cancel an alarm makes it less user friendly than the Amazon Echo.

What do Amazon say about their Tap Bluetooth speaker?

  • Just tap and ask for music from Prime Music, Spotify, Pandora, iHeartRadio, and TuneIn
  • Uses the Alexa Voice Service when connected to Wi-Fi or a mobile hotspot to play music, read the news, provide weather reports, and even order a pizza
  • Streams all your music via Bluetooth from your phone or tablet
  • Delivers crisp sound powered by Dolby, with dual stereo speakers that provide 360º omni-directional audio
  • Provides up to 9 hours of playback
  • Always getting smarter and adding new features and skills
  • Includes Charging Cradle

Get the Tap Bluetooth Speaker at Amazon

Where can I find a video review for the Amazon Tap?

What are the Pros and Cons of the Amazon Tap?

  • It has full access to Alexa, matching the Echo line.  
  • You have full access to music services like Amazon Music without needing to stream from a smart device.  
  • Incredibly portable and excellent battery life.  
  • Intuitive and works well as a Bluetooth speaker.  
  • The sound quality is fine, although it’s not as loud as the Echo.  
  • Having to push the Alexa button makes it far less convenient to use.  
  • The microphone doesn’t seem as good quality as the Echo but this makes sense considering you need to be pressing a button to command.