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The Amcrest IP2M-841 ProHD - All the features you want, made awkward


Security and all it entails is new to us. What we know is that any new technology should be easy to use and this Amcrest ProHD WiFi security camera was anything but. Firstly the Amcrest app isn’t the best or most straightforward, secondly setting up some of the cooler features required leveraging our own past history of Information Technology. This isn’t the camera you’re looking for if simplicity and user friendly are your first priority. It’s good, but not for the average consumer.

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Is the Amcrest ProHD Security Camera worth the price?

WiFi has enabled a host of devices that previously would be awkward to setup, from audio to security. The Amcrest ProHD aims to make security cameras cost effective and accessible to the masses, but do they achieve it? Read on and find out.  

The Top Questions for the Amcrest ProHD WiFi Camera?

The reviews aren’t great for the Amcrest app, is the camera terrible too?

The big issue with the Amcrest 1080p app and camera is that its not an immediate setup. There is reading and effort involved, which in an era of simplicity poses a problem. The software is both challenging and unfriendly to navigate, far from the usual intuitive layout normally seen. The positive thing is that you can use different software. The key information to take away is that you need just 5 minutes of setup time and a little patience to work through the quick start guide to get most things running. There are other features like setting up the cloud, an FTP for storage or motion detection that will need more time, but all of this can be figured out with a little time and effort. If you want plug and play, this isn’t the camera for you.

Can this WiFi security camera be used safely outdoors?

Yes, but Amcrest will not honor the warranty if damaged outside by weather. Some users have setup covers that protect the Amcrest ProHD from rain or snow, but although the camera can work outside, Amcrest don’t recommend it.

Can the Amcrest ProHD film through a window?

The ProHD will work fine in the day time, but you will need to deactivate the night vision as the infrared lights will reflect off the glass, washing out any images recorded. To get visibility at night you can adjust brightness, gamma color and turn on BLC mode. You can also add outdoor lighting to help capture footage at night

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Where can I find the official Amcrest Video?

Can I connect multiple security cameras in my house?

Yes you can but to use multiple cameras you’ll need to connect them all to the cloud via the Amcrest app. An alternative solution is to have multiple email accounts, this will allow you to have several cameras connected but with the hassle of cycling through different login data.

Does the Amcrest ProHD have motion alerts?

Yes it does. You can even define what kind of alert you want. For example, if the camera detects someone walking through your living room it detects motion. Based on your settings, you could have the camera start recording to the microSD card, uploading to the cloud or an FTP. You could even setup push notifications on a mobile device, an email and set it so still image attachments are included. Setting these elements up though, isn’t quick and will require some time and effort.

Can this security camera take still pictures?

Yes it can. You can easily switch to the app and take stills of the footage. You can even look through the images and videos recorded. However, the footage on the cloud is only kept for 4 hours so anything important needs to be kept on the microSD card or on a private server.

What is the maximum size microSD card the Amcrest ProHD supports?

The maximum supported size of microSD card is 64gb. The best method to format the storage is via the camera itself. You can do this by going to the camera via it’s IP address inside any local web browser (same network), clicking on the mircoSD card, which should be referenced as Disk1 and then selecting format from the available options.

What does it mean by 4 hours cloud recording?

What this means is that your footage will record to the cloud, this is four hours of clock time – not recording time. Anything beyond 4 hours becomes deleted and inaccessible. This works best with motion alerts so that you’re alerted and can act and use the recorded footage accordingly.

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Where can I find an Amcrest ProHD unboxing video?

How good is the two way speaker quality on the Amcrest ProHD?

The quality is fine, it’s not good enough to listen to music through, but is more than capable of listening to, or talking via. For example it works very well for watching and communicating with a child’s playroom.

How easy is it to configure this WiFi camera to upload to the cloud?

There are a number of routes to take with storage. You can fit a microSD card, record direct to the cloud or to a server via an FTP.

Can the security camera be fixed easily to the ceiling or wall?

Yes. The Amcrest 1080p comes with the proper mounting brackets for you to install on your ceiling or wall.

What do Amcrest say about their WiFi Camera?

  • Stunning Full HD 1080p Video at 30fps. Record and Playback via local microSD Card, Amcrest or ONVIF NVR, FTP Upload, and Blue Iris. Amcrest Cloud Video Recording Service Available.
  • Quick WiFi Setup via iPhone or Android Smartphone using the Amcrest View App (Included). Seamlessly Stream Video and Two Way Audio Directly to Your Smartphone, Tablet, Apple Mac or Windows PC.
  • Remarkable Field of View with Super Wide 90 degree Viewing Angle, Remote Pan/Tilt, Intelligent Digital Zoom, and IR LED Night Vision Up to 32 feet.
  • Stay in Touch with Two Way Talk, Intelligent Motion Alerts, Email Alerts/Snapshots as well as Mobile and Web Apps (Safari, Firefox, IE Supported – Chrome Supported on Amcrest Cloud).
  • Features Sony image sensor and Ambarella processor. All cameras CE and FCC certified with UL compliant, 10-foot power supplies. Full 1-Year US Warranty and Lifetime Support Provided Directly from Amcrest. Our support team is available at 1-888-212-7538

Get the Amcrest IP2M-841 ProHD at Amazon

Where can I find an Amcrest ProHD review video?

What are the Pros and Cons of the Amcrest 1080p ProHD WiFi camera?

  • The video is mostly clear, and sound in or out is good.  
  • The mount is strong and functional.  
  • The camera can rotate and tilt giving full 360 degree viewpoints.  
  • The motion alerts work well, albeit hard to setup.  
  • The WiFi wireless connection seems reliable, and offers decent storage features. 
  • When zooming in the Armcrest ProHD distorts, leaving a blurred image.
  • There are better security cameras available that have better usability and more connectivity out of the box.
  • The Amcrest app isn’t user friendly and setup may be too much for the average non-tech savvy consumer.