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Avegant Glyph video headset

Avegant Glyph Video Headset Blog

The Avegant Glyph - Making pixels a thing of the past!


It might be portable but it very much feels like a home device first. The best uses are when you’re seated, and plan to be seated for an extended period. It’s not comfortable, it’s not even practical because of it’s weight yet a private, pixel free home cinema that can handle movies, games and web content effortlessly sounds like home media heaven to us.

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Is it really a new era of mediawear?

That is the claim from Avegant, but what does it do that actually ushers in a new era of mediawear? Is it more than just a screen in front of your face? At such a high price point ($699), and it being the first iteration is it an investment or risk? Find out more below.

The Top Questions for the Avegant Glyph Video Headset?

Is the Avegant Glyph a Virtual Reality headset?

No. This is not a virtual reality headset, but it does have IMU (inertial measurement unit) for head tracking. Avegant carefully avoid using the term “virtual reality” in their explanations, so think of this as a portable and personal theater only.

How good is the image quality on this head mounted display?

It’s the display technology which stands out on this headset. It doesn’t use screens but millions of mirrors to reflect LED light into your eyes. This is how eyes work naturally, capturing reflected light. So what does this mean? It’s a screen-less display. Pixels are non-existent, screen-dooring is gone, no more eyestrain and nausea should be reduced if not eradicated. Sounds fantastic doesn’t it? Technically, it could introduce a new era of mediawear – specifically fixing many of the problems present in Virtual Reality headsets.

What devices can be used with the Glyph?

The Glyph can connect to any device that has an HDMI output. This means you can connect your consoles, mobile phone via adaptors, computers etc.

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Where can I find an official video for the Glyph headset?

Is the Avegant Glyph for sale on

Yes, you can buy the Avegant Glyph from Amazon here.

What kind of content is compatible with the Glyph?

Avegant made the Glyph completely plug and play, compatible with as much content without the need for any specific-to-device video. This keeps everything relevant, so anything you can see on your connected device will be visible on the Glyph.

  • Any HDMI-compliant content.
  • 720p side-by-side (SBS) content.
  • Frame-packed 3D content.
  • 360 degree content.

How difficult is this headset to setup?

Avegant say their headset is plug and play, that’s true for content but it’s far from true when trying to get comfortable while wearing. Fitting is a challenge, and although this is true for most headsets, the Glyph has a weight issue, uncomfortable on the nose and that combination can lead to continued tweaking of the settings to try and find a more comfortable viewing configuration. On a positive, it’s impossible to criticise Avegant for their efforts to accommodate a wide range of users via the multiple controls and fittings on offer.

The way this works sounds dangerous?

In an interview with Tech Insider, a professor of optometry made the following comments about the Avegant Glyph. “It all depends on the light levels, the light concentration. There’s nothing inherently bad about projecting directly onto the retina,” Banks told Tech Insider. “If all the light was brought into one point on the retina, then you could worry about injuring the retina,” he said. “But I’m sure that whoever is designing this thing — in fact I would hope — has thought that through at great length and knows what their light levels are like compared to safe levels.”

Can anyone use the Avegant Glyph?

The only exceptions are those with astigmatic eyesight or those who cannot view DLP television. If you cannot watch a DLP screen without image ghosting, you’ll probably have the same problems while using the Glyph.

How much is the Avegant Glyph Video Headset?

How does the Avegant Glyph video headset work?

What is the battery life while watching video?

The battery lasts for four hours while watching video. The Glyph can be watched while charging and it will take around three hours to full charge.

Can you wear the glyph with glasses?

No. Yet don’t let this deter you as the Glyph allows you to rotate the eyepieces to adjust them to your prescription. This includes settings for pupillary distances. About the only restriction is that you cannot use this if you have astigmatic eyesight.

Can I use the Glyph as a pair of headphones?

Yes you can. The audio is actually very good and the fitting does provide excellent noise isolation. You can connect the video headset to any stereo audio cable with the 3.5mm jacks.

What do Avegant say about their video headset?

  • Watch films, play games, and enjoy endless entertainment in HD audio/video on the world’s first mobile personal theater experience.
  • Connect to almost any smartphone, tablet, drone, or gaming console, at home, on the field, or at 40,000 feet (may require an adapter, sold separately).
  • A screenless display – the Glyph reflects light with over two million micro-mirrors, replicating natural human eyesight.
  • Designed and worn similarly to headphones, a familiar form that goes anywhere with you, delivering rich, high-resolution audio.
  • Immerse yourself in your favorite content without being completely cut off from your surroundings

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Where can I find a video Avegant Glyph review?

What are the Pros and Cons of the Avegant Glyph?

  • The build quality is fantastic, every aspect of the headset says premium product.  
  • The image quality is outstanding, no pixellation or screen-dooring.  
  • The audio is strong and the noise cancellation helps immersion while watching media.  
  • No proprietary limitations, connect to most devices and use the content you want.  
  • Heavy and fiddly making it a chore to use sometimes.  
  • It might look like headphones, but it looks weird out and about.
  • A hefty price point.