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Is the FiiO M3 a good Digital Audio Player?

FiiO M3

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FiiO M3 Digital Audio Player - The Best Budget DAP


Don’t let the 3 out of 5 fool you. For it’s price it deserves a 5 but when compared to $200 Digital Audio Players the sound quality might compete but everything else doesn’t. It’s in the features this falls short so if all you’re after is something to play audio files then at this price the Fii M3 is a winner.

FiiO M3 Digital Music Player

The Top Questions for the FiiO M3 Digital Audio Player:

Is this Bluetooth enabled?

No. This is a budget Music Player with good audio quality and very basic features.

Can the M3 play longer audio files?

The M3 does not play AAC files that are longer than 18 minutes. This Digital Audio Player (DAP) works best with MP3. It under performs with OGG and sometimes FLAC, with distortion occurring randomly but frequently.

Does this work with Spotify?

No. This is just a Digital Audio Player, it has no WiFi or Bluetooth connection to access the internet and there are no apps available.

How good is the sound quality compared to Sandisk Clip?

The M3 has better sound quality overall. The sound on the M3 is warmer, with better mids and bass when using a higher quality set of headphones.

FiiO M3 Digital Music Player

Where can I find an official video for the FiiO M3?

Is this FiiO M3 on sale at

Right now you can buy the FiiO M3 on Amazon.

Is this device fully compatible with iTunes or Google Music?

No. Any music you want this device to play must be put onto a micro-SD card. This means you can transfer audio you own to the device via the included cabling or via a micro-SD card slot yet you cannot connect to either iTunes or Google Music directly from the device.

Does it play video or show album art?

The M3 does not play video but will show album art if included on your micro-SD card.

Does it have a song limit?

The M3 comes with 8gb of in built-memory and can support up to a 64gb micro-SD card. We’ve read that the M3 can actually take 128gb mico-SD (unofficially) cards but has a 4000 song limit. We estimate a 64gb mico-SD card can hold roughly 600 albums, which would be 6000 MP3’s songs if average length and quality.

Does the fast forward speed increase if key is pressed and held?

Yes you can speed up by holding the fast forward button. This is ideal for finding your place in audiobooks, podcasts and other audio files.

What quality of audio files can it play?

The M3 can play WAV files at a 24/96 sampling rate. All other files, like FLAC can only be played at 24/48. If you’re after the best of the best this isn’t the Digital Audio Player for you.

Does this sort by artist or does it just shuffle?

You can shuffle, listen by album, playlist or artist. Each grouping can then be played sequentially or randomly.

FiiO M3 Digital Music Player

Where can I find an unboxing video for the FiiO M3?

How good are the included headphones ?

The headphones included are basic. They aren’t the most comfortable however and we’d recommend picking up a different pair if you plan to use for long periods.

Is it possible to create your own playlist?

No. Not in our experience. The device apparently does support them but you need to import them as you cannot create them via the device itself.

Can this receive AM or FM radio signals?

It does not have a radio receiver.

What do FiiO say about their Music Player?

  • FiiO M3 8GB Micro-Portable Digital Music Player – Open Earbuds – Micro USB Data/Charging Cable – Lanyard – FiiO 1 Year Warranty
  • Standard 3.5mm headphone port drives 16-100 Ohm headphones
  • Volume Control: 60 steps digital potentiometer, 5-band equalizer (±6dB), channel balance 10dB adjustment
  • 2.0″, TFT screen with 240×320 pixels, 6 physical buttons with backlight
  • 24-hour playback battery capacity, fully charges in less than 2.5 hours.

FiiO M3 Digital Music Player

Where can I find a video review of the FiiO M3 Music Player?

What are the main Pros and Cons of the FiiO M3?

  • It’s incredibly small.
  • Exceptional value for money. 
  • Good sound quality if you upgrade headphones. 
  • Supports lossless audio. 
  • No connectivity.
  • No instructions in the box or on the site. 
  • User Interface isn’t great.