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Is the SanDisk Clip Sport a good Digital Audio Player?

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SanDisk Clip Sport Digital Audio Player - Entry Level Tech that is Best Left Outside


I understand who the SanDisk Clip Sport is for. It’s a budget Digital Audio Player that is made cheaply for the fitness enthusiast who doesn’t want to take high quality tech into an environment where it will probably get dropped, whacked and sweated on. It fits that perfectly but when putting it next to a FiiO M3 which is a similar price, you can’t help but feel the Clip Sport is overpriced.

SanDisk Clip Sport Digital Audio Player

The Top Questions for the SanDisk Clip Sport DAP:

How is this ideal for fitness enthusiasts?

It’s functional, it has a clip which is strong and should keep it held firm onto your attire plus if you knock it or drop it during any exercise, you won’t be too concerned as it only cost $50.

Is the SanDisk Clip Sport good for audio book playback?

The SanDisk Clip Sports is inferior in most ways to the Clip+ and Clip Zip. The Click Sport does not remember which audio book or file with that audio book group you listened to last. The only real feature which the Clip Sport has that is geared towards audio book playback is the speed, with tonal changes. Overall the Clip Sport is a very basic audio book player in our opinion.

Why is this less expensive than the Sansa Clip Zip?

The Clip Sport has a slight upgrade to the sound but is overall a large downgrade in other features. For example the Clip Sport has no recording feature.

Can I sync a Windows Media Player playlist?

No. In our experience the device is not compatible with Windows Media Player. You can create playlists by converting your Windows Media Player playlists into *.m3u files or dragging and dropping audio files onto the device itself.

SanDisk Clip Sport Digital Audio Player

Where can I find a hands on review for the SanDisk Clip Sport?

Is this SanDisk Clip Sport on sale at

Right now you can buy the SanDisk Clip Sport on Amazon.

Does the Clip Sport have a FM tuner?

Yes it does. The option to setup the tuner is available from the settings, once set it will pick up preset channels that you can cycle through easily.

Does it allow you to record?

No. The Clip Sport has no recording features.

How do I load MP4 movies to play?

The Clip Sport does not play MP4 or any movie files. This is a limited audio player only. The screen is only used for navigation or to display album art if it is appropriately tagged when transferring audio data to a micro-SD card.

Is this device Bluetooth?

No. There is no option for Bluetooth.

How much memory can I add?

The SanDisk Clip Sport comes with 8gb of storage and the option to add another micro-SD card. The device supports up to 32GB but actually recommends cards of no more than 8GB if being used playback MP3 and WMA files. The bigger the card the more probable drop-outs and glitches might be on this device.

SanDisk Clip Sport Digital Audio Player

Where can I find an unboxing video for this Digital Audio Player?

Does it have a built-in speaker?

No it does not. The device comes with low quality but comfortable headphones and supports the 3.5mm jack which is common on all portable audio players.

What are the playback features?

The audio player can shuffle, skip, play a single artist, a specific folder or a playlist if created. You can find out how to set-up *.m3u playlists via the online manual.

How do I copy music to the device?

It’s very easy to move your music from computer to the device. You just need to connect via the supplied cabling and then drag and drop the files and / or folders to the device which will be shown in your ‘My Computer’.

What do SanDisk say about their Music Player?

  • Designed for athletes and fitness enthusiasts
  • Super lightweight and easy clip-on
  • Dynamic audio quality
  • Easy on-the-move navigation with a large color LCD screen
  • Memory card slot for more music and audio books etc. Please note: This product is not compatible with Rhapsody.

SanDisk Clip Sport Digital Audio Player

Where can I find a video review of the SanDisk Clip Sport?

What are the main Pros and Cons of this Digital Audio Player?

  • It’s cheap and cheerful.
  • It’s functional and easy to use.  
  • It feels sturdy enough not to break easily during exercise.  
  • It has FM radio.  
  • It struggles with audio books. 
  • It struggles with large quantities of mp3’s.
  • It’s not compatible with Windows Media Player. 
  • It is a little tricky to setup playlists. 
  • It is cumbersome when adding new files.