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Mota DOI SmartRing Blog

Mota DOI SmartRing Blog

The Future, or a Scam?  The Mota DOI SmartRing

What has happened over at Mota? What started as a great looking gadget has descended into a farce. Have they just made a bad call or is it, like many of their backers claiming a scam? Either way there are disgruntled consumers and new technology, read on to learn more.

What is a smart ring?

A SmartRing is a smartwatch, only smaller, more limited and on your finger. Their functions vary but appear to be far more specific than the diverse smartwatch. The best feature of a SmartRing we’ve seen are those that connect via NFC and work for quick access and security.

Where is the Mota DOI SmartRing?

Looking at the IndieGoGo page, this wearable was meant to be launched in May 2015! That date has progressively been pushed back and the latest update pointed to an official release June 2016, some 13 months after the initial plan.

Will it ever reach full production release?

No one knows. At this point in time Mota are offering store credit to those who backed the SmartRing. There is no refund, and there is no new delivery date. This is Mota’s last comment on their crowdfunding campaign.

“We conducted extensive prototype manufacturing using computer-aided design and automation in more than three different factories. We concluded that the only way we could produce the ring from start to finish would be as hand-built units, which would be not feasible for mass production. To give you an idea, it would take an engineer approximately 10 hours to manufacture one ring, which is nowhere near as cost-effective as it needs to be to scale to mass production.” Read more about this here.

Mota is currently offering those who backed their crowdfunding campaigns the option of store credit. For that reason and the apparent issues with assembly we presume it could be a long time before the SmartRing is available.

Does it look and work like Mota promised?

In this video, which is more than 6 months old the device works, the screen looks good, the swipe works and notifications come through. So why the hold up?

Perhaps one of the problems is the size? Just look at this behemoth. It might look like the SmartRing Mota promised but it’s definitely added some weight since those sleek concept images.

Mota promised two ring sizes and further customization via swappable fittings in their Q&A, fingers crossed (which you couldn’t do wearing this) that this is the larger model as it definitely isn’t “simply fashionable” as Mota promised.

What did Mota promise to backers?

  • Ring in the new you. Update yourself from calls, texts, and social media with vibrations from your finger. The MOTA DOI SmartRing lets you live your busy schedule, but still be able to interact with your social life and what’s important to you.
  • Swipe your way to freedom. Scroll from screen to screen of all the different notifications you have from your favorite applications. Whether it be Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, meeting notifications, or text messages.
  • Disconnect to connect. MOTA DOI SmartRing lets you put your phone away and still allows you to stay connected.
  • Be in control. The VIP feature lets you control who gets your attention and who doesn’t. Start living again without the unwanted distractions.
  • Simply fashionable. With the option of choosing midnight black or pearl white, the MOTA DOI SmartRing always keeps you updated in style.

What does the Mota SmartRing Q&A say?

Mota provide a very simple Q&A on their crowdfunding pages, these can be found here at Kickstarter or IndieGoGo.

Q: How are the ring sizes going to work?

A: Our current plan is to create one or two ring sizes (e.g. small and large) and provide user-changeable interior pieces to adjust the ring’s shank (similar concept as the Bluetooth ear pieces). This way a perfect fit can be made.

Q: How much will battery last with a full charge? And how do you charge it?
A: With our current prototype, depending on usage, battery can last between 1-3 days. DOI SmartRing can be charged using most QI wireless charging stations.

Q: How can I choose the color of the ring that I want?
A: Once the project is funded and we are close to finalizing orders, you will be receiving a survey email where you can specify your preferred color. To ensure a timely delivery, if you do not specify a color, the black DOI SmartRing will be shipped.

Q: Can it be used on iOs and Androids?
A: Yes. DOI SmartRing will be able to sync with iPhone and Android devices.

Q: Are you able to ship internationally?
A: Yes. Please note that all international perks require an additional $5 shipping fee.

Q: Will there be some type of app so that you can tailor the types of notifications you receive?
A: Yes. DOI SmartRing will connect with a free downloadable app that allows you to set your alerts as well as your VIP contacts.

What did the media say when first introduced to the Mota SmartRing?

  • This is my favorite product at CES. – Ric Romero, ABC News
  • Something straight out of ‘The Jetsons.’ – The New York Times
  • IFA’s coolest gadget, a smartphone on your finger. – Die Welt (Germany)
  • SmartWatches are rarely justified, SmartRing is the answer. – PC Magazine
  • Oh my gosh, the MOTA SmartRing everybody loves. – Liz Claman, Fox News

All these comments are visible on the Mota website, The question is, would these people promote the company and device still?

What do the backers say about the Mota SmartRing?

The following information was taken from YouTube videos and to showcase what people feel about the product and Mota right now.

On Social Media –
“I filed a BBB complaint. The resolution I asked for was either a) the delivery of the product, or b) that MOTA update the Indiegogo community every 30 days with ACCURATE updates at every perk level. Reasonable, eh? They weren’t willing to do even THAT. Their last response said no, but we’ll update the Indiegogo page, “soon.” That was over 2 weeks ago. Absurd.”

“MOTA has been lying about this product since the beginning and refuses to respond to the outcry from backers. Kickstarter helped them perpetrate this fraud and does not care enough to intervene on behalf of defrauded backers. Stay away. Do not back MOTA, do not order this or any other MOTA product. For my part, thanks to this experience, I will no longer back crowdfunding campaigns and I will never buy a MOTA product.”

On –
“Potential customers, RUN from MOTA. Run far, run fast, and do not look back. Even if they DID manage to make this a ring that was amazing (and I mean amazing as in, it grew artificial intelligence and managed to learn how to do my taxes) it STILL would not come close to compensating for the year-long struggle backers have had to fight with MOTA just to get some basic communication out of them re: this project. Their customer service, or lack thereof, ruins anything they touch.”

“The video and pictures of this ring are not what the final ring looks like. The promised quality is definitely not what promised. The final ring (which still hasn’t shipped to backers on Indiegogo and is currently many, many months late) can only be described as a brick”

Overall the feeling is of betrayal, deceit and a demand for action.

How do Mota describe their SmartRing?

Accessible Anywhere. With you in mind, we created a ring to fit your hectic schedule. Whether you are confined to your cubicle at work, or a busy parent of three getting updates from your babysitter, the ring brings you everything you need, all with a flick of a finger.

Discrete. Picture yourself in a meeting where answering a phone call would be impolite. No worries, you can get only the alerts that matter, and read them right on your ring, not even having to take out your phone.

The MOTA DOI Smart Ring helps you streamline your life even with your phone buried in a bag or purse, you can still be updated on all your incoming text messages, right from your Smart Ring. Express Yourself. Never lose your inner fashionista.

The Smart Ring initially comes in beautiful midnight black and pearl white. Its sleek simple look blends in perfectly with yours, whether you’re on Madison Avenue or Venice Beach.

What HeyTC says about the Mota DOI SmartRing?

Don’t back the Mota DOI via any crowdfunding. Don’t pre-order it from any stores. Simply avoid it. Wait for our unboxing and review and then decide whether a SmartRing is better than a SmartWatch for you. If you need to try a SmartRing right now, there are other options available. For more on what is a smart ring and other questions, expect another batch of smartring blogs from HeyTC soon.