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The Polaroid Zip - Portable but expensive printing


Zero ink technology is great in concept, and essential in portable printing technology like the Polaroid Zip, but is the quality worth the price? It’s definitely sleek and befitting of the smart device aesthetic but its hard to recommend, or even enjoy using when each business card sized print costs $0.50 and the quality isn’t even that great without some photo-editing. Mobile printing technology is improving, we’ll just hold off before fully committing.

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Is the Polaroid ZIP Mobile Printer worth the price?

Photo collections live either in the cloud or on some smart device, so having a pocket sized printer becomes a great way to bring the digital into the physical. The question is, can the convenience of mobility replace the quality usually associated with photo prints? Find out more below.

The Top Questions for the Polaroid Zip Mobile Printer with Zero Ink Technology?

How do the prints from this zero ink printer compare with the original digital image?

At $129.99 for the printer, and $25 for 50 sheets you may expect good, if not great quality. The reality is, with the Polaroid Zip you get 2×3″ size prints that use zero ink technology leaving adequate prints that often have a brown or red tint, both of which darken the image. This might be down to images being saved as RGB, and printers using CMYK color mode? Regardless, there are solutions to overcome this problem but it will add steps to the process of printing – and might not be possible unless you’re confident with editing your captured images.

Are there cheaper options than the $25 Polaroid Zip Zero Ink 2×3″, 50 sheet packs?

You can use standard Zero Ink paper, for example the Pogo Zink Photo Paper will work but you’ll need to have one of the thick blue sheets that come with official Polaroid packs. Without it, the Pogo Photo Paper will not work. The question is, do you want cheaper paper or quality prints as the Polaroid Zink Photo Paper works better, with better image quality and coloring. The price difference is definitely reflected in the final print quality.

Does it use WiFi to print a picture from my smart device?

No. The Polaroid Zip might be a wireless mobile printer but it uses either Bluetooth or NFC (Near Field Communication) rather than WiFi. The only time you need WiFi is to download the Polaroid Zink app on your device.

Get the Polaroid ZIP Mobile Printer w/ZINK Zero Ink Printing Technology at Amazon

Where can I find a Polaroid Zip Mobile Printer demonstration video?

Will the Polaroid Zip work with iPhone?

The Polaroid Zink app is available on the App store and Google Play store, this means it’s compatible on the iPhone, iPod, iPad and any Android smart phone or tablet. It is not available on Windows Phones.

Do I need to use the Polaroid app to take photos or can I use my camera roll?

The Polaroid app has access to your camera roll, this means you can print any picture that is on your smart device.

Can I edit the image on my smart device before printing it?

Yes you can, and we recommend it to ensure the print isn’t darkened by a red or brown tint. You can edit inside the Polaroid Zink app, but you may want to edit with a program that is slightly more robust. As long as the image remains the same format the camera roll will allow the Polaroid Zink app access to print. For example, if you email pictures from a laptop to your smart device, those pictures will be available in the camera roll.

Can this Polaroid zink printer be shared between multiple smart devices?

It might be a portable mobile printer, but it cannot be paired to two smart devices simultaneously. This means, you’ll need to switch between each connected device as and when needed.

Do you have to load the Polaroid Zip mobile printer one sheet at a time?

The sheets come in packs of ten, and each pack can be loaded into the back of the mobile printer. This means, you have to load 10 sheets at a time. Just remember to use the blue thick scanner sheet first, or the loaded sheets won’t print.

Can I charge and print at the same time with this printer?

Yes you can and it works fine, although it does get very hot.

Get the Polaroid ZIP Mobile Printer w/ZINK Zero Ink Printing Technology at Amazon

Where can I find an Polaroid Zip Mobile Printer unboxing video?

Am I limited to 2×3″ prints, or does it support 3×4″?

The Polaroid Zip Mobile Printer is limited to 2×3″ prints only. This is a specific size, without variation.

How long does each image take to print on the Polaroid Zip?

It takes a maximum of 70 seconds to print. There are faster mobile printers, but this is far from the worst.

How long does the battery last once it is fully charged?

If you are printing constantly, the battery will last almost one hour.

What do Polaroid say about their mobile printer with Zero Ink technology?

  • Prints Directly from Your Mobile Phone or Tablet via Bluetooth or NFC Technology
  • Works With PREMIUN Zink zero papers – ZINK Paper Means No Ink. No Hassles
  • 2×3 Photos Are Full-Color/Smudge-Proof, and Feature Peel-Back, Sticky Paper
  • Your Purchase Includes a Download of Polaroid ZIP App for iOS/Android
  • Measures a Compact 2.9 Inches x 4.7 Inches x 0.9 Inches; Weighs Just 6.6 Ounces

Get the Polaroid ZIP Mobile Printer w/ZINK Zero Ink Printing Technology at Amazon

Where can I find an Polaroid Zip Mobile Printer review video?

What are the Pros and Cons of the Polaroid Zip Mobile Printer?

  • The Polaroid Zip has a sleek and light design.  
  • The 2×3 print size is small but great for fun and social printing.
  • For a mobile printer it prints moderately quick, at roughly 70 seconds per print.  
  • The zero ink, ZINK printing is a convenient feature.  
  • This mobile printer can give you 45-50 prints per charge.
  • Prints have muted colors and a red / brown tint compared to the original picture.  
  • The Polaroid Zip app is poor, it is buggy and inaccurate.
  • $25 for 50 zero ink prints is expensive, using non-Polaroid prints result in worst picture quality.