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The Best Bluetooth Headsets for Women

Best Bluetooth Headsets for Women

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If you’re a busy woman and always on the move perhaps you’re like me and need your smartphone easily accessible and hands free? Bluetooth headsets are useful while driving, shopping, at the gym or in the office. The problem is they don’t always look stylish, perform well and often break, here are some tips to buying a headset. For everyone else here’s my Top Five Bluetooth Headsets for Women.

#5. Maximum Discretion – The Motorola Hint

The two advantages of the Hint are how subtle it is to wear and how simple it is to use. It’s a good headset if you’re looking for something to use between meetings but if you need something for the long haul, a full day of talking not just a morning coffee break this isn’t for you. The Motorola Hint just doesn’t have the battery life. At around 2 hours talk time it’s not enough for those longer commutes or gym sessions. If you’re in the office or between uses you can recharge it from the case but this means it’s out of use for 15-30 minutes so if you’re in the middle of a call it’s not ideal. If You have the time to keep charging this is a comfortable and discreet headset that is easy to set-up and use. An excellent choice if you’re not always on the road or commuting.

#4. The Key Functions – The Plantronics Voyager Legend

The Voyager Legend is a better performer than the Motorola Hint. It’s not as pretty to look at and the Hint fits much better but in everything else the Legend was better. The problem with the Legend was that I couldn’t get the earhook to sit comfortably for any period of time. What I’ve realised is that if an headset fits and doesn’t run out of battery you’ll probably find it useful. The Legend is far more visible than the Hint but it doesn’t look ugly, it also has better sound quality and noise reduction which is excellent while driving. The real big difference between the Hint and Legend is talk time, with the Legend I can talk for 7 hours before needing to recharge! The reviews you’ve read about the magnetic charger being a problem are true though, the headset needs to be perfectly positioned and sometimes you wake up to find the headset didn’t connect but besides this I was impressed by the Voyager Legend. It was very easy to use and simple to set-up.

#3. Sturdy and Tactile – The Jawbone Era

The Jawbone Era might be too blocky for you, but I think it’s one headset that’s trying to look different and that interests me. One thing is certain, you can feel the weight of this while wearing. It took me several attempts with each of the earpieces to find something that fit and gripped my inner ear well, I tried the same with the Voyager Legend to no avail so it’s nice to see perseverance paying off with the Jawbone Era. The warranty information on HeyTC about this device is a worry but it’s easy to find authorized re-sellers once you know Jawbone won’t replace unless you can prove it was purchased from a retailer they have approved. If you want a headset that is tactile and sturdy this could be an ideal choice for you. Plus some of its motion controls help cut out some voice commands which are essential on other headsets. The volume on the Jawbone Era is also loud and clear, making it ideal to stream audio from your phone to ear unlike the quieter Hint and less comfortable Legend.

#2. Function and Fitting – Plantronics Voyager Edge

The Voyager Edge puts everything right that was wrong with the Voyager Legend. It looks better, it fits well and the magnetic charger is replaced with a micro-USB. Another major positive is that the Edge has an immense 16 hours per charge! So why do I put the Voyager Edge at #2? For all its features and functions the Voyager Edge looks and feels like it was made by men for men. The effort has clearly gone into making a fantastic headset here but it doesn’t have an aesthetic that fits my face or personality and that is important for something that sticks out from the side of your head.

#1. When Style is as important as Function – Jabra Stealth

So why is this headset #1 for me? It fits like the Jawbone Era but without the weight, it performed like the Voyager Edge and suited my business woman style. Serious but fashionable. The only function difference between the Edge and Stealth is the available talk time, the Edge offers 16 hours while the Stealth only has 6. This is a big difference but one that doesn’t impact my choice, I need around 5 hours of continuous use for my commutes each day and this works for me. The Jabra Stealth does everything I need in a smaller, more fashionable Bluetooth headset.

The Jabra Stealth has a new user in me but if you need more function over style, I’d recommend the Voyager Edge – that battery life is exceptional.