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The Best Portable Music Players for Women

music players for women

What Digital Music Player is right for me?

Finding the right Portable Music Player?

The only time my smartphone is off, or not at my side is when I want ‘me’ time. I didn’t want to carry more than my smartphone, I didn’t need something that did exactly the same as what I’ve got. I wanted something that gave me a way to listen to music in a new way, a way I’ve not experienced before. The problem is there’s so much selection. So here’s my Top Five Portable Music Players, for Women by me, a woman.

#5. Sony Walkman NWZX2 Hi-Res Digital Music Player

My husband has one of these, he purchased it for this site specifically. I hit the roof when I saw the cost, and even after hearing the sound quality I still couldn’t see how he justified the purchase. To me it sounds only marginally better than some of the others I have in this top five.

So why is this even on my list? I wanted something different and this fits. It’s ridiculously well built, it looks great and is definitely a luxury item to use during ‘me’ time. If it was half the price it would probably be higher on this list.

#4. SanDisk Clip Sport

My smartphone is always getting scratched at the gym but without music I find it hard to focus. This is where something like the cheap SanDisk Clip Sport comes in. It’s not great but I’d prefer to use it over keep getting scratches on my smartphone.

Obviously if you’re using apps to track exercise or like having social media on hand, the SanDisk serves no advantage as you’d be better off just getting an arm sling for your smartphone perhaps?

The positives to the SanDisk Clip Sport are that it’s lightweight, cheap and plays music fine. The SanDisk Clip Sport takes my #4 spot because I’m tired of damaging my smartphone and something cheap and cheerful is tempting.

#3. Astell & Kern AK Jr. Hi-Res Digital Audio Player

The costly Sony Walkman NWZX2 has more features, better sound and a better build quality yet it’s Sony. Sony is for consumers, whereas Astell & Kern sounds designer and exclusive. I know that won’t make sense to many, but I wanted something for the ‘me’ time and what’s better than something that sounds fashionable?

However, the Astell & Kern might sound fashionable but it doesn’t really fit my style. Plus at $300 I wouldn’t want to take this to the gym and it would look out of place at home as part of some audio system.

#2. Pono Portable Music Player

My husband calls it the mini-brick and I can see why. It’s not big, but it’s awkward and I love that. Where the Astell & Kern looks like a mid 2000’s phone this looks like a mini-retro radio when sitting on a surface and that’s where I’d keep it. At $300 I wouldn’t be taking it to the gym, and with it’s awkward shape I definitely wouldn’t be taking it on a commute.

The Pono is at #2 on my list because I like the style, unfortunately I couldn’t use this as a portable music player and in all honesty listening to Hi-Res audio is great but I’m more interested in listening to music as I exercise.

#1. Sony Walkman NWZW273S Waterproof Sports Digital Audio Player

I love swimming but don’t really do it often as I need music while I exercise. I didn’t think this waterproof audio player would work, but once you know how to get them fitted right they are life changing (for me at least).

I now swim every couple of days and am getting fitter because of it. I could have gone swimming before but didn’t like the distraction of others while trying to work out. This is why music is very important to me, it helps me focus. Now I can put these on, shut out the world and focus while swimming.

The music quality is no better than my smartphone, probably even worst and it has no features beyond being waterproof but that alone adds something new to my day to day life and it’s because of that, these are my #1.