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Bluesmart One Smart Luggage Blog – Questions & Answers

Bluesmart One Smart Luggage Blog - Questions & Answers

Bluesmart One Smart Luggage Blog

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Is Bluesmart luggage worth the price?

Overweight, lost and drained? No this isn’t a self help seminar, it is what Bluesmart One promises to solve when it comes to your travelling nightmares.

Does the Bluesmart One solve these problems or just leave you frustrated with its functionality? Read on and find out.  

The Top Questions for the Bluesmart One?

What is smart luggage?

Take a common everyday suitcase and re-build it so it connects to, and uses smart technology.

What does the Bluesmart One do?

From the luggage itself you can charge your smart devices, with up to six charges via two USB ports. Track your luggage via GPS/3G, so you can find it anywhere in the world, anytime for free. An intelligently placed scale lets you check luggage weight just by picking it up. There is also a remote lock which is activated by your phone.

What is the difference between the Bluesmart One, and Black Edition?

Both the One and Black variations of this smart luggage have the same smart features. The $100 price difference represents an improvement in build materials. With the Black you get slightly more resistance to water, scratches and bumps. While also providing quieter, smoother wheels.

Bluesmart One Smart Luggage on sale now

Where can I find the official Bluesmart Video?

Is the Bluesmart One luggage on sale at

Right now you can buy the Bluesmart One Smart Luggage here.

What is the build quality like when compared to other similarly priced luggage?

The idea of smart luggage is great but the execution here is average to poor at best. The initial excitement of being able to track luggage and avoid hectic airport outlets is enough to peak interest. The reality of the product is that, it’s overpriced for what it is. The Bluesmart One is not polycarbonate like other luggage in its price range. The Bluesmart suitcase interior is also a lower grade nylon material. Worst still is that the smart features are haphazard and even poorly implemented.

Is the battery removable in this smart luggage?

No it’s not. Which poses a problem as TSA regulation is to not allow lithium-ion batteries to be checked in. So if you need this for check in, look elsewhere.

What’s it like having smart luggage with GPS?

It sounds like a great addition but is it really useful on a carry-on bag? The luggage will be with you on your journey and as you don’t have the option to check it in, the GPS is practically redundant unless you lose it at the airport.

What are the dimensions of the Bluesmart One?

“Be aware that Bluesmart is technically too large to be a carry-on bag on major US airlines, including American, Delta and United. You’ll be fine as long as you can avoid the bag sizer.” Read the full story here.

For every negative tale like the one above, there is a positive story yet if the dimensions are wrong, why risk it?

For storage the Bluesmart One has adequate space, the laptop pocket is a nice touch and although its more suited to those who roll clothes and stuff socks into every cranny you can definitely fit a few days worth of items in this carry-on bag.

What kind of problems does travelling with the Bluesmart One?

“As these things become more popular, I’m sure we’ll get training on how to better look for them,” the first TSA officer who did not want to be named told me. “But I would suggest to the company that any kind of wiring should be removable so we can properly scan for potential threats.”

You can read the full ‘This smart bag can charge phones, weigh itself… and nearly got me kicked off a flight’ story here. 

This doesn’t happen to everyone, but there is definitely a risk of it if using smart luggage.

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Where can I find a Bluesmart unboxing video?

Does the lock comply with TSA requirements?

Yes it does and just in case the smart lock doesn’t work, you get two physical keys to manually open the lock as well.

Does it work with any smartphone?

Only with Android or iOS smartphones. The app on both platforms is buggy but Bluesmart are actively fixing issues.

Where can I find the Bluesmart Kickstarter or IndieGoGo campaigns?

The company didn’t run a Bluesmart Kickstarter campaign, they opted for a IndieGoGo campaign instead. Click here to see their campaign.  

What do Bluesmart say about their smart luggage?

  • Connect to either Android or iOS and control via our app.
  • Remotely lock your suitcase from your phone.
  • Charge your devices up to 6 times.
  • Locate your suitcase anywhere in the world.
  • Check the weight of your suitcase anytime.

Bluesmart One Smart Luggage available at Amazon

Where can I find a Bluesmart Luggage video review?

What are the Pros and Cons of Bluesmart One?

  • It has an executive look. 
  • The material is strong enough for carry-on luggage.  
  • Multiple dividers and zippers to separate and keep valuables safe. 
  • The idea behind the smart features is great. 
  • The charger works well enough to power a device.  
  • Do we really need GPS with carry-on luggage?
  • The execution of the smart features is poor.  
  • The visible wires and non-removable battery have posed and will continue to pose problems for travellers.  
  • The dimensions don’t fit all US airlines.  
  • The build quality isn’t good enough for the price point.