Bluetooth Headsets

Top 10 Bluetooth Headsets of 2016

Top 10 Bluetooth Headsets of 2016

Top Ten Bluetooth Headsets

The Worst to Best Bluetooth Headsets we’ve used

It’s been hard work trying to find a good Bluetooth Headset that’s available on the market right now. It’s so easy to buy a dud that we created a Top 5 Tips to Buying a Bluetooth Headset, but if you just want to know our worst to best read on.

This Top 10 is from my perspective and needs, I’m a fat dude who has a professional job and just needed something that was comfortable with glasses and didn’t look out of place in the office. I’ve purchased, sent back and kept a collection of headsets trying to figure out what, why and how all things wearable tech work. I’m no expert, but I’m a consumer with an opinion. So buckle up and let me mind-meld my Bluetooth headset journey from a wide eyed bushy tailed wearable virgin to HeyTC, part man, part Bluetooth signal beacon.

#10. BlueAnt Premium Q3 – 2/5

Just thinking about the BlueAnt gives me cold shudders. A budget look with budget features that works a budgeted amount of times before slipping from your ear and under foot. I wouldn’t have one of these headsets again for free!

A headset is meant to make your smartphone hands free but I spent as much time fiddling, picking up and shaking this device that I may as well just kept using my phone directly. Worst still is that no matter how much I tried to keep the headset on it just didn’t want to stay in place. In the end I was literally static and terrified to move for fear it would fall off again – it wasn’t so much I was bothered about it breaking, but more bothered by my reaction in public if the headset fell off once more. It could just be my ears but I can’t recommend this headset, there are better budget options available.

#9. Jabra Storm – 2.5/5

This was the first Jabra I had ever used. It looked good, it felt lightweight, it was initially comfortable and the set-up was a breeze. It was only after I started using it that the entire experience fell flat. I came to realise that the reason for these pros were simple. It was lightweight because of it’s technical inferiority to better headsets. It’s comfortable until you try to do anything that results in perspiration. Finally, there are no features to set-up. I can’t recommend this headset, for the price you can get better technically, aesthetically and more comfortable.

#8. Jabra Motion – 2.5/5

The Jabra Motion works but the same person who let the Storm pass QA must have designed the Motion as it’s equally frustrating but for different reasons. Once again Jabra make a nice looking headset, this time they give it key functions like volume and actual noise cancellation. Then they go and use a giant answer / end call button so that you can’t actually reposition the headset without cutting someone off mid-call or end up swiping your hand over the ear several times trying to increase the volume – half those swipes don’t register so you end up sitting manically swiping looking like you’re minutes away from a breakdown in the office. Like with the Jabra Storm, I can’t recommend this headset, for the price you can get better technically, aesthetically and more comfortable.

#7. Jawbone Era – 3.0/5

The Jawbone Era works! The first headset in this list which is fair. Just be warned, unless you buy from an authorized Jawbone re-seller your warranty will be ignored! This is a big concern for me because of how easily Bluetooth headsets fall apart. If I buy something and it’s not working I want to know I can get it replaced, buying from online shouldn’t feel like a gotchas machine.

Technically it has a gimmicky gyro feature which causes it to need shaking, tapping and other movement to activate. It’s not bad, it’s just unusual and adds a learning curve to a device that should feel natural. It’s also a difficult fit in smaller ears but a headset not fitting isn’t the products fault, it’s just the way it goes with sizes. The truth is, I didn’t continue using this headset so I can’t recommend it to others. It’s not bad, it just wasn’t for me.

#6. Motorola Elite Sliver II – 3.5/5

I’m impressed by Motorola, they are making good looking headsets that work well. They have a couple of good headsets in this top 10. The Sliver II is the weaker, so what’s wrong with it? If you wear glasses ignore this headset. If you need to have your smartphone and headset far apart, ignore this headset. If these things don’t concern you then this headset could be right for you.

My Sliver II broke. There is no doubt this headset is delicate and normally I’d complain about this but there is a protective charging case with it that I should have used more often. Plus Motorola seem to have an amazing warranty which replaced my retail purchased headset (via Amazon). This headset wasn’t for me but because of their warranty I would recommend Motorola.

#5. Plantronics Voyager Legend 4.0/5

The Legend is a great performer but the magnetic charger is horrible. There isn’t much more to say about this Plantronics headset, it’s ticks all the boxes. It carries a good charge, it looks fine, it has the right amount of volume and the noise reduction is spot on. So why only number 5 on the list especially when it got a 4 out of 5 rating?

The truth is, from #5 to #2 these headsets are the best technically available in my opinion. The difference from this point comes down to value for money, style and longevity. The Voyager Legend has two of the three, it just didn’t wow me.

#4. Plantronics Voyager Edge 4.5./5

The Voyager Edge is our highest rated headset but only comes in at #4. Remember this is a list from my perspective, I can’t tell you what you’ll like more. I just know from my experience – technically, aesthetically and durability wise the Edge was the best. It’s simply a great headset but this list is based on the device I charged and wanted to use regularly – out of choice – long after the blogs were wrote and this wasn’t it. This headset is highly recommended though.

#3. Jabra Stealth 4.0/5

I had the Jabra Stealth for a while before trying it. After the Jabra Motion and Jabra Storm I wasn’t looking forward to another hollow and frustrating experience. Strangely, but amazingly the Stealth is a good, borderline great headset. Jabra definitely did good with it!

I’d go as far as saying this headset is as good as the Plantronics Voyager Edge technically, it’s better looking but feels slightly less durable. The Jabra Stealth does everything you want in a smaller, more fashionable Bluetooth headset and is also recommended.

#2. VXi BlueParrott 4.0/5

This is a behemoth headset. It has the best volume, battery, call quality, sound quality and noise reduction. It looks like an office headset which wasn’t a problem for me and is comfortable with glasses. This is technically the best headset available but it looks terrible and the buttons aren’t the most convenient to use. It’s also the most durable headset on this list, I don’t think it’s breakable (exaggeration but it’s incredibly sturdy). This headset comes highly recommended if aesthetics aren’t important.

#1. Motorola Hint – 3.5/5

I’m a sucker for science fiction and wearing this with my Huawei Watch and Galaxy Edge felt like something out of Star Trek. This isn’t the best headset on this list but it’s one I’ve gone back to just because of how cool it is. Tapping the device to voice command data to my smartwatch is not just tech-cool but it’s convenient, even in public.

Onto the negatives – and they are big negatives. The volume is low and the battery depletes alarmingly quick. There is a charging case which adds some life but it’s not nearly enough. If Motorola add a few more hours talk time and a little more volume in Hint II then it would probably get a 5/5 from me. I love the design of it and definitely recommend Motorola for their warranty. Before this headset I didn’t think this tech could be cool, but it changed my perspective. If you’re a geek like me this headset is worth a look in my opinion just know it’s not the best technically or in durability yet it rocks in aesthetics.

Did my list match your own experience? Let us know what your favorite Bluetooth Headset is and why?