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ZUtA Labs Mini Robotic Printer

ZutaLabs Mini Robotic Printer Blog

ZUtA Labs Mini Robotic Printer - What's Our Hype Rating?


With yet to release tech we’re giving a hype rating. This tells you how hyped we are for the product. Right now, we’re intrigued by what ZUtA Labs are doing. It doesn’t perform all that great and the battery life and print speed seems painfully bad. With that said, it definitely serves a purpose for those on the move, and the forgetful. If ZUtA can improve its performance and reduce it’s insanely high price then perhaps this could replace the home printer.

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Who needs a portable mini printer?

There has to be a market for a portable mini printer, it raised $511,662 on Kickstarter. Perhaps the student who always forgets that important report or the commuting professional always on the road. Does ZUtA solve their needs? Find out what people are saying.

The Top Questions for the ZUtA Labs Mini Robotic Printer?

When will the ZUtA mini robotic printer release?

ZUtA Labs hope to ship the printer to crowdfunding backers in December 2016. However, there could be further delays as ZUtA only went into production as recently as June 2016 and was still overcoming some problems with alignment. The announcement was made here on Kickstarter.  

How does this portable printer work?

You take the main section of a standard printer, remove all the feeds and motors, then encase in a shell and mobilise ink distribution via a custom built drive system. Sounds complex. It’s not after you watch one of ZUtA Labs videos.

It might be portable, but is it any good?

The reality is, only ZUtA knows at this point. From the information available we know it takes one minute to write a page, it can connect to any WiFi device, at full charge it can last a full hour of printing and it’s not limited to standard paper sizes. Most of which sounds great. We still have no idea on how the custom cartridge will work, or their cost. Expect updates as and when ZUtA make announcements.

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Where can I find the official video from ZUtA?

Is the ZUtA Labs pocket printer for sale on

No, but you can pre-order the ZUtA Labs Mini Robotic Printer from their website.

What are backers saying about ZUtA Labs?

The majority of feedback is positive and backers are looking forwards to their portable robotic printers. The only negativity comes from a few more technical minded backers who are evaluating the performance of the device in videos and printed pictures done.

The common worry is that the printer doesn’t handle straight lines well. One comment from a backer read:

“The idea that what was in the video is anywhere near being ready for production seems premature. The printed image has tons of alignment issues. I can’t even imagine how bad an image with straight lines would look. Please do not produce and ship this product until you get it right.”

You can find the video and comments on their Kickstarter page here.  

How much does the ZUtA Labs Mini Robotic Printer cost?

The retail price is a whopping $299. Those who backed on Kickstarter paid $199 for the printer, which is cheaper but still a lot to pay for something that could possible be seen as a convenience item. No one knows the price or availability of ink cartridges at this point. Let’s hope they don’t have a similarly high price.

Can this mini printer print pictures?

ZUtA has recently demoed their printer at TechCrunch.  In this demonstration they use the mini robotic printer to print out a detailed black and white drawing of a vase of flowers. The truth is, the image isn’t perfect and you can see a large amount of white horizontal space where it has struggled to print. The image is visible below.

 How long does the ink last per cartridge?

On the ZUtA website they highlight that one cartridge will print 100+ pages, and that they will be available from their website.

Is the ZUtA Labs Mini Robotic Printer on sale? Find out!

Where can I find the ZUtA Labs robotic printer Kickstarter video?

How do you use this to print a multi page document?

On the ZUtA Labs website they say, if you send multiple pages to the printer, the printer will stop and wait for you to align a new second page when the first page is complete. You continue printing by tapping the app.

How hard is this mini printer to use?

The website makes it sound very easy to use. The ink cartridge can be swapped via a hatch at the printers base. To start printing, you just turn it on, align the corner of the printer with the corner of the paper and click print or send to the mobile app.

How big is this portable printer?

It’s pretty small. It has a 10.2cm diameter and weighs 350 grams.

What do ZUtA Labs say about their mini robotic printer?

  • Any device. The printer connects to any device via WiFi. You can now print directly from smartphones, tablets, laptops and PCs.
  • Any size of paper. With its unique mechanical design, the printer is not limited by the paper size!
  • Use it anywhere. At only 10.2 cm in diameter, 7.5 cm in height and weighing only 350 grams, this printer can be taken anywhere!

ZUtA Labs Mini Robotic Printer – Get pricing information

Has ZUtA Labs been to CES, and what was the reaction?

What are the Pros and Cons of the mini portable printer?

  • The demonstrations done by ZUtA Labs make it look useful, in text documents only.
  • A mini mobile printer adding to the ecosystem of devices making it possible to work on the move.
  • Works with iPhone, Android and Windows mobile devices.
  • It looks sleek, and makes mobile printers fit in with the entire smart device aesthetic.
  • Mostly positive comments, even though its been two years since debuting on Kickstarter shows an element of trust.
  • It’s not suitable for photo printers. Or even those who want instant printing.
  • The price is to high, might be best to wait for a mini mobile robotic printer sale.
  • ZUtA Labs haven’t given a price for ink cartridges. If they are as pricey as the mini robotic printer it could turn out as an impractical purchase.