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Game Golf Digital Tracking System Blog – Questions & Answers

Game Golf Digital Tracking System - Questions & Answers

Game Golf Digital Shot Tracking System

Game Golf Digital Shot Tracking System - The best way to read your game


Game Golf is both useful and entertaining. Functionally it is pretty perfect already, or as perfect as technology allows. One of the best parts of Game Golf is how it makes data both competitive and visual, it just needs some instructions on how to use that data wisely.  

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Is it more than your golfing performance on the hip?

Whether golf is a hobby or passion, you want to improve. Game Golf is all about analyzing your performance, shot by shot. Golf Game gives you the information and tools to compete with those at your golf club, on your favorite golf course, or just amongst friends. The question is, can Game Golf improve your golf game, or is it just for those wanting to compete socially?

The Top Questions for the Game Golf Digital Shot Tracking System?

What exactly does Game Golf do?

Game Golf uses GPS and club tagging to chart distances. All you need to do is connect the tag to your club, wear the GPS device and remember to tap club against device before each shot. The $155 solution requires you to sync the GPS device to a computer before the data is visible.

What are the differences in the $155 model and the newer $255 version?

Game Golf has three variations, the cheaper version just offers the club tags and you’ll need to connect them to a smartphone. The next solution includes a GPS tracking device that can be worn on a belt and is a better option than tapping tag against a smartphone. The final and more expensive solution makes all shot tracking available immediately rather than at the end of a round. Is it worth the extra cost? For the player, probably not as focusing on your game is enough and checking your shots while playing is a distraction. However, for a coach having the information immediately it priceless.

Is this system good at the driving range?

No. Don’t buy this device for the driving range. The way it works is to track distances between each tap of a tag so unless you plan to drive and walk out to collect the ball, which we don’t advise this device is not for you. We suggest you use the Zepp Golf Swing Analyzer to perfect your swing or pick up a laser rangefinder to chart your distances.

Get the Game Golf Digital Shot Tracking System at Amazon

Where can I find the official Game Golf video?

So with each swing, I have to tap the GPS device again?

Yes. If you don’t tap the distances won’t accurately track. For example, if you don’t tap every shot, you’ll have gaps in your round. This information can be modified while uploading your round but it’s easier and more accurate just to tap the club against the device while playing.

How easily do the tags break off the clubs?

The tags screw into the club and shouldn’t fall off. They are also small and light so the probability of them breaking off or getting snagged on something is low. This doesn’t mean you can’t lose them, or they can’t get damaged while swinging or tapping the device. There have been accounts of such events happening, the good news is that the Game Golf customer service is fantastic and very helpful in such situations.

How many tags are included?

You get 18 tags in the retail box. All you need to do is screw them into your clubs and set up your golf bag on the website and app to match. It’s a very simple, user-friendly process and Game Golf have a huge variety of club types and brands to choose from, including hybrids.

What does it record if you’ve simply picked up your ball and moved on?

It will record nothing, you can leave gaps in your round simply by not tapping the tag against the GPS device. Alternatively, you can fill in blanks when syncing data to your computer. There is a flexibility to add comments and amend events that happened to ensure your tracking is as accurate as possible.

How does it handle out of bounds, lost balls, lateral hazards?

You can easily make amendments once the data has synced to your computer. So if you need to add a penalty, do so.

How does it track putt lengths?

This is one of the weak points of the device. GPS is only accurate for 3-5 feet so when you’re putting expect to be making some edits after syncing to your computer. The good news is, all the features are there to make it accurate. This means you can position the flag to ensure that final putt data was accurate.

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How easy is the Game Golf Digital Shot Tracking System to use?

Can you set up multiple users to use this?

Not really. This is for one person unless you plan to share your golfing bag or switch tags between each swing.

Does this have any advantage over tracking shots with a GPS mobile app?

It is definitely simpler if you can remember to tap the tag before each shot. However, it does function the same. As in it charts distance between inputs and that you need to remember to record an entry. Is the price point worth that convenience? We think it is if you’re serious enough about golf to be playing full rounds.

Do I need a computer to view the data once it is synced?

No. Once your rounds am synced you can access the data via an app that is available on both Android and iOS, both smartphones and tablets. From the app, you can review all the data from previously played and synced rounds only.

What do Game Golf say about their system?

  • Improve Your Game – From tee to green, we analyze your entire round of golf
  • Know Your Distances – See how far you really hit each club and never under-club again
  • See Your Stats – Fairway Accuracy, GIR, Putts Per Hole and more; Real stats at your fingertips
  • Share & Compare with your friends, followers, or even the Pros

Get the Game Golf Digital Shot Tracking System at Amazon

Where can I find a positive Game Golf tracker review video?

What are the Pros and Cons of the Game Golf Shot Tracking System?

  • Game Golf are serious about their products and very communicative and responsive to fixes, updates to course information and updates.
  • This is the easiest golf shot tracking systems to use on the market. Screw in, tap and focus on your round.  
  • Once you get the tag tap into your routing the data attained can be invaluable to your game. 
  • Reliving your round during the syncing process is fun. It’s exciting to remember your best shots. 
  • You can share, comment and compete with other Game Golf users.  
  • Getting into the routine of tapping the tag isn’t the easiest habit but its the only way to make this golf tracking system work accurately.  
  • Between putting and missed shots Game Golf makes the post-round sync edits can be tiresome.