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Can a multi-sport sensor really be that good?

Does the PIQ sensor stand a chance on the market against all the other devices available? What does it do that stands out, if anything? Let us find out below.

The Top Questions for the PIQ Tennis Sensor?

Does this use the PIQ multi-sport sensor?

Yes, it does. The PIQ sensor can be removed from the tennis band and placed into any of the different fittings available (not included). Options for golf, skiing, and kite-boarding are available. This means with the sensor you buy for tennis, you can use for any new sports the PIQ sensor supports.

Why is the PIQ sensor called Babalot or Pop in other places around the web?

PIQ are partnering with different sports brands to bring their sensor to different markets. For instance, Babolat is the longest-running international company specialized in tennis and number 1 in tennis racket sales in the US. Pop is the name of the PIQ sensor app which you would sync to on your smartphone.

Is this like other sports sensors where the data is on your smartphone only?

Not at all. The PIQ sensor has a real time display so you can see your service speed and shot analysis in real time. This means you can quickly check your stats after each strike and try to work on your game as you play. The display has a limited space so it will only display one at a time and all information is easily synced to your mobile device for later analysis.

Get the PIQ Tennis Sensor at Amazon

Where can I find an official PIQ Tennis Sensor video?

How much do you have to pay for the Pop app if it includes more than just tennis?

It is free. The only cost you’ll find once you buy the PIQ sensor is for the additional fittings for each sport.

Can I use this without a smartphone?

No. If you do not have a smartphone don’t buy this.

What information does the Pop app on my smartphone record?

Once synced the Pop app provides you with all the key statistics a tennis player could need. Statistics includes playing time, strokes use, the frequency of strokes, your best PIQ score, best serve speed and best rally.

Can I share my statistics with friends?

PIQ does provide a social media tool that allows you to share data with other people but there is no way to do it directly via your own social channels currently. What you can do is compete with other people from the Pop app community. You can join games, challenge friends and compete on the different leaderboards.

How does it know who I am playing against?

It doesn’t. What you do after syncing to your phone is add your opponent manually. You can also add the result, surface you played on and the location.

Is it difficult to setup and get the PIQ sensor working?

Firstly you’ll need to charge the PIQ sensor, you do this via an included USB stick. As there are no instructions you’ll need to take it upon yourself to download the Pop app next. Once you have this it is all very straightforward. Remember to keep everything within the box, especially the tennis card which is hidden at the bottom of the packaging as you’ll need that during the setup. Finally, to use the sensor you just slide it inside the included wristband making sure you follow the arrows to orientate it properly. Once this is done you’re good to play.

Get the PIQ Tennis Sensor at Amazon

How easy is it to connect your PIQ Sensor to a smartphone?

How long does the battery last?

On average, a full charge will last 5 hours roughly.

Can the USB stick be used for additional on-the-go charging?

Yes, it can. You can use the included charging stick to recharge the PIQ sensor while out on the court for two additional charges.

How can the PIQ tennis sensor help my game?

It can’t. What it can do is give you all the information needed so that you can identify what needs to be worked on. The PIQ sensor is not a virtual coach.

What do PIQ say about their tennis sensor?

  • Real time on wrist game data display
  • Measures the kind of stroke and style
  • Measures speed and spin
  • Remote Challenge other players

Get the PIQ Tennis Sensor at Amazon

Where can I find a PIQ Tennis Sensor review video?

What are the Pros and Cons of the PIQ Tennis Sensor?

  • The PIQ tennis sensor can read your strokes with great accuracy.  
  • The information you need while practising is available at the flick of a wrist.  
  • Once synced, being able to drill down into your different strokes and speed stats is ideal for those in tennis training.
  • It’s a multi-sport sensor, adding value for those who participate in other sports.
  • Once you get the data there is no suggestion of ways to improve.  
  • The fitting band isn’t the most comfortable to wear.
  • Smart watches and other smart devices that give immediate readouts are considered against the rules in some locations.